Cliff Bleszinski: It Was Strictly A Business Decision To Go With The PS4; Played The Tenth Role

LawBreakers set out to amaze the world with its competitive atmosphere and diverse sets of characters and game modes. Loved by many but not all, Boss Key Productions’ CEO and game director, Cliff Bleszinski, is happy for its successful launch on both the PC and PS4.

While not having it on Xbox One, Cliff said in an interview that the decision to go with the PS4 exclusively at launch was more of a “business” decision.

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MegamanXXX100d ago

Maybe after the Xbox one X launches he would probably change his mind.

Woolly_100d ago

nawh.. It's nothing to do with hardware capabilities.

small team, limited resources... went with the larger install base.. simple.

no one seems to care about the game on PC at the moment..

hopefully the ps4 folks help out..

darthv7299d ago

If the game is scalable then no reason to not have it ported to other platforms. Like most PC games, it auto adjusts to compensate for the type of hardware detected. XBO and PS4 are more alike than different and if they went with PC as lead then the porting is pretty painless.

Goldby99d ago

may be painless, but it increases cost. and the cost to port it may not be worth what they make back

Septic99d ago

"It goes back to the argument of wanting 24 frames a second because it’s cinematic. It’s like, f*** off."

Lmao! Preach Cliffy!

81BX99d ago

I'm a ps4 folk and I'm not going to help out. Shit on the fans that made you a crap load of $$$? Then die by the sword!

Emme99d ago

Haha, yeah, small team, limited ressources, wait, like NBA Playground ? RIME ? Player Unknown Battlegrounds ? Rocket League ? No wait, they are all on Xbox, too :D Face it, he hoped that Sony would make big advertisements for this, but as its not exclusive (bad business decision)....

KickSpinFilter99d ago

I was a fan of Gears and always wanted to get a chance to play them all the way through, but this game is like every other shooter out there right now either wall running, double jump floaty shit, exo suits, and now a repackage of that as low gravity. I think perhaps folks are sick of this kind of gameplay, I know I am, and have played more of BF1 over all the others.

rainslacker98d ago

@darth really doesn't just auto adjust.

I really wish this notion would die. Game development doesn't just work like that, unless all you Xbox guys want some really crappy port. You point to PC, but ignore how unoptimized those games are due to the fact that it's never just a matter of a simple port.

The ignorance on this topic is astounding.

shaggy230398d ago


"No one seems to care about the game on PC at the moment.."

Nobody cares about it on PS4 either.

kevnb98d ago

the game will get buried in the current landscape, doesn't matter which platform the release it on. Hopefully it didn't cost too much to make.

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moldybread99d ago

The game is a ghost town on the PC, too much competition. He should have created something more unique.

Movefasta199399d ago

Why are people disliking?you are right

Godmars29099d ago (Edited 99d ago )

And that is Bleszinski's very issue: he's never been all that original.

Loooooong history of focusing on a console, accusing others of being as dogmatic as he tended to come off as once upon a time. Not counting relapses.

Given that the internet is what it is, never forgives someone for what they might have said or been perceived of saying, that's just the way things are.

obidanshinobi99d ago


I can't stand these developers like Cliff who leave big studios to "work on something unique and different" and then end up creating a game that is in no way unique or different to a big game that has just come out by a big studio.

moldybread99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

"And that is Bleszinski's very issue: he's never been all that original."

He needs to get away from the dudebro type of games and characters, it's getting old.

"Loooooong history of focusing on a console, accusing others of being as dogmatic as he tended to come off as once upon a time. Not counting relapses.
Given that the internet is what it is, never forgives someone for what they might have said or been perceived of saying, that's just the way things are."

It's actually more to do with the being part of the popular vote or not. You could (and do) say exactly what I say but use Microsoft instead of Sony and get more agrees than disagrees. That sadly is the reality of how things truly are. As for history and the internet not being able to forget things is quite spot on, Microsoft continues to have it's smear campaign followers because of its history as a company dating years back and its Windows monopolistic attitude. It continues with the Xbox One and how the system was initially marketed with always always online and Kinect. The company is not static, directions change all the time but it's critics continue to carry on.

jznrpg99d ago

@moldy Xbox hasn't changed much except they release less games than they did with the 360. Sure their PR is different but talk is cheap

0Day98d ago

Should have stayed F2P. That was the worst business decision he made.

nowitzki200498d ago

Nobody is done with PUBG yet, Lawbreakers does not look better than PUBG.

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Sam Fisher99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Why is cliffy b talking? Didnt he basically say his polarizing personality is the reason of the games sales? So why are you talking my man, the words that come out his mouth wether good or bad is labeled as shit

Bathyj98d ago

I reckon the stupid arse title is as much at fault as anything.

I mean Law breakers? Why not Gun shooters or Kill doers?

brokasfawk100d ago

Cliffy B should have stuck around to make Gears 4.. he would have did a better job than the Coalition.
He was at the top of his game and now he's got a mediocre game that he's trying to make excuses for poor sales.

MegamanXXX99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Huh 🤔 So you think if he would have develop Gears 4 it would have been better?

brokasfawk99d ago

I do
I've had it since last year and still have a hard time trying to finish the campaign.
It's the most linear and boring campaign of all the gears games.
I don't have high hopes for Gears 5

andrewsquall99d ago

Yet Gears 3 didn't top the 2nd game anyway so what could he have done better?

Bigpappy99d ago

The funny thing is: the PS4 guys mostly hate him for what he has said in the pass. Now he has gone and said some dismissive things to some Ex-Fans of his from the Xbox side who might have also grabbed it on PC. So he might have put himself in a real pickle by saying repulsive things to gamers he don't think he is aiming for to try and use the console war to his advantage. Now he is finding out that the games he has being playing really a very good one, and that words do matter.

Rude-ro99d ago

"Stuck around"...
Where? Microsoft bought it. He would not have been able to work on it.

rainslacker98d ago

If he stuck around at Epic, then he wouldn't have been making the game anyways.

I think he just wanted to venture off and do his own thing. Either that, or Epic wasn't interested in whatever it is he wanted to do.

Who knows, but he had enough money to retire happy.

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VideoGameLab99d ago

worked out great for him, didn't it?

aconnellan98d ago

Apparently not when you make a shitty game

Vhampir98d ago

It has nothing to do with sales. You don't go "console exclusive" unless you're being funded by that console.

AmUnRa98d ago

It is not console excl. for the PS4, read my lips: " go with the PS4
Exclusively AT LAUNCH was a business decision.."

At Launch😉

vega27599d ago

Good luck with that cliffy.

FallenAngel198499d ago

Of course it's a business decision. Why else would he have chosen to do so?

Liqu1d99d ago

According to some people Sony payed for exclusivity and Cliff B hates Xbox despite the fact he was open that going with PS4 was due to install base and having a small team.

Bluemaster7799d ago

"According to some people" lmaooo

ULTp0ltergeist99d ago

He made a mistake choosing console exclusive for the wrong console. Although Xbox One does have lower install base compared to PS4, it has a better multiplayer community.

Sam Fisher99d ago

Again with this xbox has better Multiplayer, do you own a ps4? Where the f$&@ do you get these assumptions? If it is soooo good, why was it so hard to play friday 13 on it yet ps4 could find games alot more faster to play online?

UnHoly_One99d ago

He didn't say Xbox Live was better, he said "better multiplayer community".

Meaning, more Xbox players would be interested in this type of game.

Now, I'm not saying if that is correct or not, but I think that is what he meant.

OffRoadKing98d ago

Wonder who those "some people" are.

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bluefox75599d ago

Fanboys and their conspiracy theories.

rainslacker98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Hmmm.....while it's usually a business decision, if you look at Kojima, and his penchant for being a huge Sony fan, although not really hostile towards other hardware like CliffyB has demonstrated in the past....then it can blur the line between what is a business decision, and what is done because of personal preference.

CliffyB has always struck me as a PC guy though, so I'd imagine the console port was focused more on the business aspects than any personal feelings he may have had for either console.

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