Tom Clancy's The Division - Update 1.7 releases tomorrow, will add new Global Events

Ubisoft announced today that Update 1.7 for Tom Clancy’s The Division will be available tomorrow, August 15th. The update will be free for all players and release simultaneously on consoles and PC.

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SlySouls372d ago

The Division strikes me as one of those games with a great concept where the first game was basically the beta and the second game may actually be what people envisioned. I love the concept, let's see what the future holds.

InTheZoneAC372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

such a shame that I played so much of the division then basically quit the day before the first dlc hit and have only managed to put 4-5 hours on it since. It sucks though that the environment is bland and boring and that is a fault for keeping the game somewhat realistic.

Loot grinders like Destiny and Anthem have that sci-fi aspect to them that can refresh the game at any point whereas The division needs a story, otherwise it's just bland repetitiveness.

Lionsguard371d ago

I've always contended that The Division would have been a far better game if it had a sci-fi angle to it like aliens or something. At least that way the weapon upgrades would make sense (even for normal human guns). Also, alien armor and shields would make the stupid bullet sponge enemies make logical sense. I don't get why a level 7 gun and a level 15 gun should be any different and why it takes 1000 rounds to the face to kill a gang banger. Hell, even zombies would make The Division a better game.

C-H-E-F371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

Yeah, I dont know about the aliens and stuff, that's has nothing to do with the story, but i'm 100% not with the whole takes 30 minutes to kill this human being because he's the boss... Like the eff kinda crap is that about?? I hate games like this, that's why i never liked destiny type games.. I understand a boss should have "more" health but the division really did the most in this department.

Ghost Recon, took it down the right road, BUT, the game is huge and boring.

BrianOBlivion371d ago

@ C-H-E-F
I agree.
I love the phenomenal attention to detail in the game but getting killed by a boss thug with a few shots AFTER already having fired literally hundreds of rounds into them sucks all that realism out of the game.

InTheZoneAC371d ago

That's because this game has rpg level aspects. Your character level+weapon level vs opponent level+tier all plays a factor.

Elda372d ago

I've been on a lengthy vac from work & have 2 weeks left before I go back,I think I'll boot this up again & play.

BeardedPriest371d ago

Anyone one who wants to team up on PS4 and do the endgame stuff... message me on PSN: T-BAG_Commando.