AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 vs NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 & GTX1080Ti - More Gaming Benchmarks

DSOGaming writes: "And the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. AMD has lifted the NDA for its two new graphics cards, the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 and the AMD Radeon RX Vega 56, and below you can find a lot of gaming benchmarks from different publications that got their hands on them."

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peppeaccardo339d ago

Imagine for a second if all that GPU power would be in the hands of Console developers who would optimize the heck out of it! What do you think it would come out of those games? Take Horizon as a benchmark that is running on a PS4 Pro (which equates to a medium to low level GPU compared to these beasts). If the PS5 and XBOXXX will be able to squeeze even half of these TFLOPs it would be a game changer.

mochachino338d ago

Not as much more power than you think, CPU would limit it pretty quickly.

ocelot07338d ago

If the PS5 or Nextbox has this amount of power for the GPU. Then they must pair it with a decent CPU. Otherwise we will just end up with a PS4 Pro and a XOX both have decent GPU power but are crippled by the CPU.

Gh05t338d ago

I cant imagine the next generation not getting a CPU refresh... There is just no way in my mind that they will use the same CPU again. They are hitting the limits.

ocelot07338d ago

It would be suicide if they used an old crappy CPU based of a crappy CPU that released in 2012. I imagine it would be ryzen CPU.

ninsigma339d ago

Looks like Vega 56 is the one to choose for a mid range card. It does have a downfall in its power consumption however in comparison to the 1070 but It should be fine.

Gh05t338d ago

It is just too much power for me to use in a mid level machine. I have been holding off upgrading my PC for the Ryzen 2 on 7nm chips, I may hold off on GPU as well until Navi releases. Or see what Intel is doing on that end by then. I ended up buying a RX480 since my GPU died on me and it will still do alright for another year.

But that power draw for one card... woof!

ninsigma338d ago

Yeah they really screwed up on the power consumption of these cards. From what I can see, they've done well with the 56 in terms of gaming performance, making it more appealing than a 1070 but their high end just isn't good enough imo. And how long will it be until volta is out??

KionicWarlord222339d ago

AMD failed. They had one job and that was for ther high end to match up to the 1080ti.

What a joke.

steveo123456338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Well I got a vega 64 in the post today

£469 intro offer!

Box is unopened, its on ebay. Let the minors have it I'm getting a 1080ti

by the time ive sold my 970, the whole upgrade from 970 to 1080ti will have cost a couple of hundred quid

Happy daze :)