Is There Such Thing As Good Microtransactions?

Microtransactions. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay. But are there any games that use them well? And are they ever really ok?

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Kribwalker215d ago

The way they have done them in games like titanfall 2, plants vs zombies garden warfare 2, halo 5 and gears of war 4 are great examples. They are cosmetic and don't effect the gameplay and don't create a pay to win atmosphere, yet then the game provides you with free DLC so they don't segregate the player base. It's way better then paid DLC, as you don't have to buy MTs and you still get all of the new levels and modes

Sam Fisher213d ago

Yeap thats the best answer here, and these games are well deserved

UCForce213d ago

Titanfall 2 doesn't have microtransaction, but they have paid DLC like cosmetic items and free maps DLC. The thing I hate microtransaction even they are cosmetic or not, because it's make you feel jealous when someone looks better than you and can make you feel impatient .Those shouldn't belong in AAA Games. Microtransaction is only work in Free to Play games.

Princess_Pilfer212d ago

A game is more than just the machanics. The experience of a game is in large part in players heads. For example, early wow had "unrested experience" that was what you got if you played for too long, and players *hated* it. So what did they do? They changed the name. "Normal" became "rested" and "unrested" became normal, and players loved that because they felt it rewarded them for gettiing on every day.

When they hide parts of the experience in a game you paid for hostage behind a paywall or a metric **** ton of arbitrary grinding, what they're doing is exactly the same as day one DLC mixed in with the above rebranding I described above. It's given a new name and suddenly people are like "oh well it's ok then." No, it's not, and it never will be. Stop buying games that do it.

It would be *less* despicable for them to just sell the costumes people actually want to buy, but of course they don't do that because they want to force you to spend 2 or 3 times as much as you would to buy the costume to buy boxes and get lucky or earn the pittance of "currency" they give for duplicates so you can get it.

Liqu1d215d ago

No. It's not possible to provide a single example of good microtransactions.

drizzom213d ago

Is there a such thing as a good mosquito bite?

slate91213d ago

Overwatch and Halo 5 come to mind.

UCForce213d ago

But It shouldn't belong in it. The reason I stay away from those games Microtransaction system because those are like gambling system.

slate91213d ago

I can understand their reasoning. An online only game aiming to be the next counter strike wont be free to keep the servers up long after their game stops selling a lot.

Princess_Pilfer212d ago

You mean games that deliberately create skinnerboxes and use frustratingly grindy loot systems specifically tuned to drive people to buying lootboxes and preying on psycological addiction mechanisms to keep people buying?

No, no they didn't do it right because (unless the game is free) They *can't* do it right. It's always BS.

slate91212d ago

Perspective I guess. You have your opinion, Ive got mine

Princess_Pilfer212d ago

It's not my perspective that's that's what they're doing. It's is factually what they're doing. Look up skinnerboxes.

slate91212d ago

Is there a way to look up "frustratingly grindy loot systems" as well? That sounds pretty opinionated.

Princess_Pilfer211d ago

Skinnerboxes that prey on peoples psycological weaknesses to get them buying things don't work it that thing is quick and easy to get without buying it. Their "leveling system" is the clash of clans timer.

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