EA's Nintendo Switch Support Relies on FIFA 18's Sales

FIFA 18's sales will determine EA's Nintendo Switch support, the company's executive vice president confirmed.

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Neonridr248d ago

lol.. so basically even if you aren't a fan of FIFA but you own a Switch just buy the darned game so we get more support

EddieNX 248d ago

I'll buy it. I havent played 17 as much as I played 15 and 16 so its a good time to jump back in. I have a feeling the multiplayer could be a huge hit here in UK. Tabletop mode on the train will rule!

Antnee534248d ago

I don't like soccer but if I want madden or nhl on the Switch I have to buy this? What a stupid mentality ea has.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory248d ago

Yup. EA act like we owe them.

Bleucrunch247d ago

I don't play fifa so screw you EA. EA's position is bullshit if you ask me. Fifa is not the game that they should rely on to entice them to support the switch even more. Silly business strategy.