AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 - First gaming benchmarks leak online, performs similarly to the GTX1080

DSOGaming writes: "AMD will lift the embargo for its latest gaming variant graphics cards based on the Vega architecture in a few hours and it appears that the first gaming benchmarks for it have been leaked online. According to the benchmarks, the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 comes close to the FE of GTX1080 but does not beat it in a bunch of them."

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ninsigma365d ago

Might grab a Vega 64 instead of a gtx 1080 if the official benchmarks are similar to this and the price doesn't get pushed up on release.

ImYoonA364d ago
Roughtly same performance but runs hotter and more power hungry.

ninsigma364d ago

Yeah ive been reading about it. Think 1080 is the better option for high end. However I might just go mid range and get a Vega 56. See how it goes.

Cobra951364d ago

And everything is optimized for the architectures already out. The Vega is still an unknown quantity. Driver writers and game devs will be wrestling with its particulars for a while. If I had to decide between a 1080 (any) and a Vega today or tomorrow, I'd go with the 1080 every time.

R6ex363d ago

I'll be waiting for VOLTA instead.

MegamanXXX364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Gtx 1170 and 1180 will be out early next year. They might change the name though

DarkHeroZX364d ago

Not at that power draw it isn't.

ProjectVulcan364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Vega 64 is absolutely rubbish. It uses A LOT more power than a GTX1080 and on these coolers it's far noisier as well.

Vega 56 is the only Vega worth considering because it's a bit faster than a GTX1070, but it's similarly power hungry and noisy by comparison. Unless you can get a Vega 56 with an aftermarket cooler for not too much more than a GTX1070 Nvidia win this round easily.

They kind of have anyway simply because it's been well over a year since Nvidia Pascal for AMD to get these cards to market, and it's only another 6 months before they will be rendered obsolete by another Nvidia generation....

MegamanXXX364d ago

Off topic I know you're excited for Intel next top of the line cpu's. I'm interested in the intel 6 core 8700k

BlackTar187364d ago

Sweet time to swoop all of these up for new Mining rigs :p

Asuka364d ago

Veg 56 is more appealing to me. I have an ultrawide freesync monitor, and i have been waiting for a card to take advantage of these features.

Nybz364d ago

Would be cool if we could see some benchmarks from games in the top 2 rows of Twitch.

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