Sony Announces New Press Conference at Paris Games Week 2017

PlayStation will return to Paris Games Week this year, with a new media showcase on October 30th.

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ninsigma367d ago

Nice one. I do enjoy Sony press conferences.

Abash367d ago

I have a feeling that this conference is going to showcase a lot of God of War and Spiderman, can't wait to see any new games being announced too though

ninsigma367d ago

TBH I don't think we need anymore GOW showings. They've shown quite a lot at this point.

Hoping for a coupe new announcements :)

OB1Biker367d ago

A lot of Detroit would make sense too and hopefully Wild

inmusicutrust366d ago

Pretty sure this is when they will announce Agent to be released Feb 30th 2018

MegamanXXX367d ago

Probably just games they already announced

Brave_Losers_Unite367d ago

Now why would Sony copy Microsoft?

trooper_367d ago

I don't think announcing a new conference equals announcing games we know about already.

Razzer366d ago

Last time they were at PGW, they announced new games.

MegamanXXX366d ago

I said *Probably* I'm sure they'll announce a few new games. Will they announce new games at Playstation experience? 🤔🤔

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UCForce367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Second time from your last Paris Game Show, Sony. Nice ! I say bring another one.

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The story is too old to be commented.