Mads Mikkelsen Confirms He Is Still Shooting Scenes for Death Stranding

In a recent panel, Mads Mikkelsen confirmed that he is still shooting scenes for the latest game by Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding.

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NapalmSanctuary339d ago

So, I guess no one here watches YongYea.

THamm339d ago

It's best to stay away from guys like that. All those stupid theories and videos ruined mgsv for me. I would've been better going through a blackout until the game released, which I plan to do with death stranding.

Good-Smurf339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Little did that Yongyea guy know that stuff that he did actually destroyed the whole element of surprise of many games including Kojima's games.
Leaks was already bad enough but this makes the wait a lot longer than it needs to be,stop talking about it until there's nothing to get excited about without knowing it.
Stuff like Shenmue 3 Kickstarter and Sotc remake are the surprises that make people go crazy,all these talks just spoiled Death Stranding.
Microscopic criticism are the rage nowadays...

DarXyde339d ago

I suppose that means it's still a ways off. Very curious to see something new regarding Death Stranding. I'm glad it's been mostly out of the public's mind so the wait to see anything is pretty manageable.

Hoping to either see something new or for scene shoots to be wrapping up by PSX.

Summons75339d ago

We probably won't see this release until 2019/2020 when the PS5 is out. We will probably get another short that gives us zero context on the story and has no gameplay at PSX.

DarXyde339d ago

Time will tell, I suppose. I'll remain hopeful that we get something. I believe they mentioned something regarding a Sony exec play testing it. Assuming that wasn't PR, we could definitely have a live onstage demonstration. I'd really like to see how it plays.

They mentioned something about it being unique but also somewhat similar to Metal Gear Solid, if I recall. Definitely interesting.

DJStotty339d ago

why is this tagged as xbox one? I thought this was an exclusive?