CliffyB: I've Got A Polarising Personality, It Might Have Harmed LawBreakers' Reception

Cliff Bleszinski, explaining the low player count, said that LawBreakers might have been inadvertently harmed by his own polarising personality.

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KaiPow284d ago

Not just that, they really needed to push the aerial mechanics more. I've talked to people that just think it's another Overwatch clone.

Timesplitter14284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

I think the creative aspect is much more to blame than the actual gameplay mechanics. The game just looks so dull and uninspired. Every character looks like "run-off-the-mill sci-fi videogame dude/girl" and are devoid of any real personality. All the colors are desaturated. There's no originality. It just doesn't catch people's attention at all.

Also I think Cliff B. really over exaggerates his controversiality. What is he even referring to? He hasn't said anything remotely controversial in years. Not only that, but most people don't even actually know who he is. He should stop pretending he's a superstar

The 10th Rider284d ago

I agree here. There's nothing in the game that really stands out to me. I haven't played the game so maybe it's really a fantastic game, but from watching it there's nothing that hooks me or gives me any desire to play. All the characters I've seen seem bland and the overall style seems uninspired.

bolimekurac284d ago

uhmmm i agree with what you aid but people not knowing who he is?? thats a stretch. everyone knows who he is, one of the richest developers in the world and highly talented. unreal and gears of war just to name a few

Timesplitter14284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Only people who are heavily invested in online videogame forums/news sites know who he is. But 99% of people who buy games don't know about him. Most people don't even know who Shigeru Miyamoto and John Carmack are. Regular everyday gamers don't really follow game news and don't know these things

joab777283d ago

I was surprised. It's like they went into such great detail in a micro level but on a macro level it appears as another generic sci-fi shooter. Overwatch has a VERY distinct look.

Salooh283d ago

That's what i have been trying to say, even if the gameplay is skillful and fun. Overwatch already have some of that but what makes it feel better and overlook the issues in the gameplay is the design of the game. It's as important as the gameplay if you really want the people move on from overwatch. They had the chance yet they didn't see it. Now i feel like it will have the same fate as titanfall , great game, will sell enough but it's not the next big thing..

Dark_Knightmare2283d ago

I'm sorry tons of people in the gaming space know who Cliffy b is stating otherwise is just ridiculous

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drunkenspy007283d ago

I agree as I know a lot of overwatch players who have said the same thing. They thought about it, but didn't see what would be an overall improvement.

ccgr284d ago

Not as bad as Phil Fish though

Soulst0rmer284d ago

Dev who runs his mouth and hasn't made a good game in ages. Goes into the trend of F2P while bashing others. Turns around makes a mediocre game advertised as a revolution, and it flops.

"I can be a bit of a silly goose. That's why my game is in a pickle." - CliffyBoo

freshslicepizza284d ago

"But what I do and bring to the table brings a certain amount of weight."

The guy made one big hit and continues the dudebro characters and lifeless games.

Bigpappy283d ago

Yeah cliffy talked too much smack to the same people he is trying to sell to. Definitely not a smart move.

VforVideogames283d ago

yup , insulting console gamers its not gonna get you anywhere Cliffy b.

-Foxtrot284d ago

The game is average and has low numbers because we've got enough of these type of games on the market. It's the reason why the hype for this game was hard to generate because we were all sinking our teeth into other games similar...if not better aswell.

His personality obviously didn't hurt Gears of War so I don't see his point. Maybe he should step away from shooters after this, I hope he does an RPG, Survival Horror or Platforming game something we haven't got enough of.

LAWSON72284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

You clearly have not been following the game or played it.

Lawbreakers is an arena shooter, a dead genre, in both popularity and releases. The problem the game has is marketing, they made it look generic and alot like Overwatch, which has led to yours and many other ignorant people's idea of what the game is.

-Foxtrot283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Don't be an ass and call people ignorant because they don't share your opinions

I've seen plenty and it's still got those same vibes as it...the problem is Overwatch is huge and if people are going to sink their teeth into something it's going to be that or something else like Counter Strike. Lawbreakers is too little too late

ZaWarudo283d ago

"Don't be an ass"

Pot calling the kettle black.

KillBill283d ago

"Lawbreakers is an arena shooter, a dead genre, in both popularity and releases." - What are you even trying to spin here?

LAWSON72283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

It's not that you don't share my opinion, it's that you make inaccurate statements about a game you know nothing about.

It is a fact Lawbreakers is an arena shooter nothing like Overwatch, not an opinion. You are wrong, it has nothing to do with your opinion.

The games issue is not Cliffy B, it is the whole marketing campaign that made the game look generic which made you and many others ignorantly reach the conclusion it is another Overwatch clone. You are ignorant and it is for this reason.

That's great you watched a video and got some vibes though good for you, that don't mean you should go around talking about a game on a critical level when you have not played it.

Sam Fisher283d ago

I played free on that 3 day thing on the p4, it feels like b rated overwatch

rainslacker283d ago

His personality didn't really start to show until after GeOW had become a success. By that time, he had the fan boy defense squads to downplay his abrasive personality, which ended up becoming worse over time. Not that he was often wrong in what he said, but he was terrible at expressing such things, and often condescending towards those who may have had different opinions. Before GeOW became a success, I don't ever recall him getting much press, but that was a different time as well where the internet didn't blow everything out of proportion like it did near the beginning of last gen.

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Cybermario284d ago

the game needs improvements, feels average