PS4 Dev Guerrilla Games 'Heavily Investing' in Decima Engine

The Decima Engine is a very powerful piece of technology and it created Horizon Zero Dawn. Even with its early success, PS4 developer Guerrilla Games wants to advance it even further.

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masterfox8d ago

Awesome to know!, Horizon looks gorgeous and the new Kojima game looks awesome as well, soooo how about some info for a new Killzone Guerrilla ?, I wouldn't mind a reboot. :D

thekhurg7d ago

It's a great engine for sure. Would be nice if more Sony 1st party games used it. Similar to how EA uses DICE's engine now for all their games.

IliasApos7d ago

Naughty dogs engine is equally as impressive as decima
And sony santa monica's engine is a beast to!!!

itBourne7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I would rather them keep to their diverse set of engines they have. They already colaberate very well with eachother in sharing methods and ideas. Sony has had teams in place to share and help their 1st and even 2nd and 3rd party studios for a long time.

andrewsquall7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

EA have already overused that engine too much. Its horrible in racing games like NFS since they used it for NFS The Runs in 2011.
And then every single other game that uses it has human character models that all look way too similar and generic since Army of Two 3.

@IliasApos ND's engine is incredible too but they will have to go back to their PS2 days and try to get the engine to be able to incredible open world stuff again with day to night cycles like the Jak games if they want to beat Guerilla with their next brand new IP :)

bouzebbal7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Sony studios have so many brilliant engines for different types of games.
Devs are using each other's engines once in a while like until dawn...

mechlord7d ago

You know, that might sound like a good idea on the surface but its not. Games are games but they are vastly different. One engine for everything cant be a good solution. maybe 3-4 (sony can do this) would be the best solution.
You don't take a laFerrari to visit your granny on the countryside by the mountains. Its still a car tho.

AmUnRa7d ago

Didn't you know? The First party devs of Sony are working together for years now..
When someone finds a way to get more out of the PS4 they giving this information to other First party developers.

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Asuka7d ago

really could go for a new Killzone. Be it a reboot, or whatever.

jukins7d ago

It's coming you can bet on it.

frostypants7d ago

The last Killzone used the Decima engine. I think they're done with KZ for a while.

BlakHavoc7d ago

Enjoyed KZ but I want two more HZDs before they go bk lol.

RevXM7d ago

Im sure GG has more than one team, after Horizon Im really curious about what they could pull off with the same resources and effort put into a new KZ installment.
Anyways cant wait for more Horizon.

UCForce8d ago

That's very good to hear.

IliasApos8d ago

Ps5 will be the real home of Decima
Horizon zd looks amazing but there are some shortcoming here and there
With ps5 over 10 tflops gpu ryzen cpu and more memory the future looks bright!!!

showtimefolks7d ago

I think ps5 will launch fall 2019 with

16 plus GB ram

It's gonna be awesome

Rimeskeem7d ago

It would be interesting if they launched a new Vita with it.


The PS5 and the PSV. Nice combo right there.

DarXyde7d ago

I would push that back a year to 2020 personally. 2019 feels pretty soon, especially with a mid-generation refresh.

I also think 10-12TF feels like a low-ball estimate. In terms of FLOPS, PS4 is 4.6x more powerful than PS3. It would be a considerable leap from the base hardware, but less than that if you consider that Pro exists. Then again, Sony might make PS5 that kind of a leap from PS4 and a PS5 Pro make a 16+TF transition.

Personally, I would rather they hold off on releasing PS5 for a year or two if it means we stop with iterative hardware.

zivtheawesome7d ago

it should be 2020 to let the 7nm process to mature in my opinion.
12TF vega with navi features (a bit more if we are lucky)
zen 2/3 processor
20GB ram (i am not sure what type as there are a few options here).
after a few calculation with these specs i reached the conclusion that developers would create games mostly at 2160c resolution.

DarXyde7d ago

I really didn't see much in the way of shortcomings at all. Horizon is an immensely detailed game with a very lush environment and great lighting and runs extremely well (I think I noticed *one* small frame rate hitch at the very end of the game). It's seriously incredible and I play on the base PS4.

Horizon withstanding, Guerrilla's games aren't my thing, but no one can knock them. They seriously know their way around hardware.

MadPandaSkills7d ago


“I really didn't see much in the way of shortcomings at all.“

The only thing I noticed was the water physics. It doesn’t physically react to Aloy or enemies. Other than that it’s the best looking game I’ve ever seen. Beautiful and rock solid performance.

frostypants7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Water physics. Vegetation physics (only grass reacts to player). Also, some of the cool little wildlife things (ants on tree, flocks of birds) were insanely rare. I'd love to see more of that.

It's still the prettiest game out there, but like any game it's got some things that could be improved.

RommyReigns8d ago

Awesome, it's currently the best engine in gaming and with Horizon not taking advantage of the power of the Pro despite being so awesome already, the engine can only get better.

Obscure_Observer7d ago (Edited 7d ago )


"Horizon not taking advantage of the power of the Pro"

What? Horizon is one of the few titles which takes full advantage of Pro´s hardware. Currently is the only AAA game which manages to hit 2160p Checkerboard on Pro. It also supports supersample. GG did an awesome job with Horizon on Pro.

Cmv387d ago

I think he was implying built only with the pro architecture in mind.

Bruh7d ago

Or middle earth which hits a native 4K on the Pro

Irishguy957d ago

"Built only with the pro architecture" -

Eh...yeahh its called x86, just like ps4

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Bruh7d ago

What? Lol by what means?

The ND engine is even more technically impressive than this

If you're talking scalability that belongs to UE4

So I'm not seeing where it's the best

Obscure_Observer8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Decima is awesome and should be the prime engine for all PS4 games! Just like Frostbite is for EA games.

Timesplitter147d ago

It would be so awesome if they released the engine publicly just like UE4 and Unity at some point

Razzer7d ago

That isn't going to happen. Decima is proprietary internal technology. Sony has more interest in keeping it so rather than entering the engine licensing business. Same for other internal engines such as EA's frostbite and Ubisoft's Anvil.

Timesplitter147d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Okay first of all: you and I, we don't own Sony. So why would we care? There is no reason why we'd care unless we're fanboys. And we're not fanboys, right?

And second of all: Both Unity and UE4 made billions with their "free" engine. This is a much more viable commercial strategy than the old, outdated private licensing strategy. The profits of releasing the engine publicly are so much more immense that it isn't even comparable. Ask Tim Sweeney of Epic