Amazon August Game Sale: Up To 81% Off Physical & Digital Deals

This week offers an exciting lineup of discounts and bundles for hot video game titles. Check out the Amazon August Game Sale for a wide selection of games that represent almost every type of console. Whether you're looking for the latest Xbox One release, or you want something to spice up your PC repertoire, there are a handful of physical and digital deals available that you won't want to miss.

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Bluemaster77336d ago

"ERROR 404" when you try to click the link. Please provide an updated link

Xb1ps4336d ago

Yea.... and even if you go to amazon I can't find the sale

gamingisnotacrime336d ago

Lol, a store picture for a warehouse seller like ama

addictedtochaos336d ago

Nearly all recent posts from this are dead links.