Skull And Bones Dev Talks Single-Player, Loot Boxes, And Why It's Not An Assassin's Creed Game

GameSpot writes: "One of Ubisoft's big reveals at E3 this summer was the pirate naval warfare game Skull & Bones. We played it at E3 and came away generally impressed. And on a recent trip to developer Ubisoft Singapore's studio we had the opportunity to speak with creative director Justin Farren, who worked on Gears of War and Madden before joining Ubisoft. He also produced Assassin's Creed Unity, Black Flag, and Syndicate in Singapore.

Our conversation covers a number of topics, including why Skull & Bones is a new IP instead of an Assassin's Creed game, the possibility of a Switch version, and how the game uses the power of the Xbox One X. Farren also told us there will be loot boxes, but the game will take steps to avoid a pay-to-win scenario. Additionally, we asked about the mysterious single-player mode, and Farren confirmed the game will offer ... something for fans in this department, though it's still unclear how this may work."

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Cy189d ago

One is a mostly successful series and one is the next For Honor.

-Foxtrot189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

For Honor: We're in a Boat Edition

loxov189d ago

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masterfox189d ago

After seeing the gamespot video is a shame to hear is a always multiplayer game with some single player elements, first time I hear from this game and at first I was very excited, I thought it was a completely new Single player IP with the elements of Black Flag, since Ubisoft is making this game they are probably thinking on replicating Black Flag success by only creating a pirate ship game, well they are committing a huge error by only focusing on ship battles and multiplayer only.

Black Flag was awesome because of its variety, sailing played a huge part on it but not because only in destroying ships it was because of the variety in it, finding treasures, dive in, fighting 4 huge optional mega bosses, hunting, etc, now add this the elements to terrain gameplay elements with the Assassins Creed style, finding armors, hunting, exploring, lots of stuff to do, so as you can see Black Flack was a complete package, lots of things to do and lots of fun doing it, and not even mention the multiplayer part that it seems lots of people like it, hell Black Flag was so damn fun I was about to do Platinum on it!.

DemoIishor188d ago

I know this game is getting a lot of hate (mostly) but I couldn't be more excited for it. I never play multiplayer-centric games but this one is getting a pre-order from me as soon as the option is available. Black Flag's naval combat was the best part of the game to me, endless amounts of fun, so a game that focuses on that is a dream for me.