3 Underrated Metroidvania Games You Might’ve Missed

Because of the many Metroidvania games out there on the market, these three gems didn't get the attention that they rightfully deserved. Here's to hoping that we can fix that.

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spdygaming286d ago

Yes. Please don't. I've reported it as spam already.

vork77286d ago

same never click spam links

Yohshida286d ago

Gonna give them a try. I got back into Metroidvanias after Cave Story+, Hollow Knight, Ori and the Blind Forest and Axiom Verge. So many high quality titles with awesome gameplay.

DivineAssault 286d ago

I just got Cave Story+ but havent tried it yet.. Good reviews for it.. Metroidvania games are great

spdygaming286d ago

Definitely. They're like the rabbit hole of game genres.

spdygaming286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

I suggest trying out Valdis story first. AFAIK, the game took five years to make. I was in high school when I first saw the trailer for the game on YouTube back in 2008.

EDIT: The developer released his progress trailer in 2008, but it came out only in 2013.

DivineAssault 286d ago

wow so the game is pretty old.. As long as its good, it doesnt matter.. I dont know who Valdis is though

SpinalRemains138286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Aiom Verge is the best of them all. It ranks right behind SoTN and Metroid.

Because it was independently developed by a fan developer and was a homage to Metroid, I later decided to support him by purchasing the tee shirt. Support for the developers who's heart is in the game is paramount to a healthy gaming industry.

spdygaming286d ago

Do you mean axiom verge? Seems like a game well worth trying. Thanks for the heads up!

DragonKnight286d ago

You'll love it. Also has amazing music.

PhantomTommy286d ago

Bought Momodora on Steam on a whim and absolutely loved it. Not quite as open as other Metroidvanias and it arguably borrows more from the Souls series, but man, it's excellent. It's out on PS4 now too and it's absolutely worth a look.

spdygaming286d ago

Like if Dark Souls and Metroidvania had a baby?

Nacho_Z286d ago

That's Salt and Sanctuary.

PhantomTommy286d ago

Pretty much. It has its own versions of bonfires and estus-like healing items. It's surprisingly challenging at times too.

vork77286d ago

Valdis Story is worth it

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