Sony's Jim Ryan says it's great to see Nintendo back and doing well with Switch

Sony's Jim Ryan talks about Switch's early success.

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FallenAngel1984342d ago

It's great for the industry when any major hardware manufacturer is doing well

-Foxtrot342d ago

Did Jim Ryan just say something which won't cause a meltdown...woah

XiNatsuDragnel342d ago

Sony prasing Nintendo that's friendly right there.

Summons75342d ago

That's how it should be. Sure they are technically competing but seeing companies praise others and giving credit where credit is due is so much better than the vile negativity fanboys create pushing a make believe console war.

indysurfn342d ago

Yeah I think Sony wants people that buy a SWITCH to buy a PS4 or PS4 PRO. He is not beating the console war drums on this one. But since he says he is watching very closely makes you wonder if there will be a PS4 like Portable with improvements.

Good Job Sony Ex

Uken12341d ago

Lol, Sony just wants Nintendo to innovate so that they don't have to. Then they can just steal their innovations and rehash it.

The gaming industry is better off when Nintendo does well. Like when Nintendo is making great software and the such.

indysurfn341d ago

I agree with that Uken12.

InTheZoneAC342d ago

Nintendo can get another customers with Stars (Trophies) and by bringing over all my Wii U games

Uken12341d ago

Dude you do realize that most Nintendo games already have "Trophies" within their games right? Mario 3D World had the stamps and other collectables.

The trophy system is seriously pointless unless it gave you rewards to the eShop, that is a trophy system I would be behind.

The Switch really needs a full fledged Virtual Console and not one that trickles out releases of old games. And also release all Wii U games digitally for a discounted price(at least some of the games).

GordonKnight341d ago

Would love to see Nintendo Wii U selects come to the switch at $20. I would personally love to play DK tropical freeze on the switch.

InTheZoneAC341d ago

I agree about the digital games and virtual console, but a unified trophy system, for what it is, is better than in game goals. No harm, no foul

Uken12341d ago

I see your point on the Trophy system. I just don't see why some people let that count as a disadvantage of the system.
I do like the idea of it being "Stars" and I would like it to have more of an impact on me being a customer.

InTheZoneAC340d ago

I count it as a fault because Nintendo for some weird reason is so strongly against what seems like an easy implementation.

They're finally acknowledging the competitiveness in online play, which they deemed their customers too timid years ago.

I want them to succeed, but I want them to take the shades off.

Snk91342d ago

Stop the lying. You're a competitor. Why would praise an opponent unless you deemed it no threat. Go lie somewhere else. Would he even say that if Nintendo was leading this gen. He's just happy Nintendo has seemingly taken out ms. Even though the X will be the greatest console ever.

indysurfn342d ago

Microsoft praised Sony on Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony Praised Nintendo on Zelda breath of the wild. Microsoft praised Sony on THE LAST OF US. Sony praised Microsoft on the original Halo. It happens when someone does something undeniably good.

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