FC Pocket Mini A Switch-Like Famicom Console Is Announced

A new Switch-like Famicom console has been announced. The FC Pocket Mini will support handheld mode, TV mode, & tabletop mode, similar to the Switch.

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Would be nice if that bad boy made it to North America. Slap that in the Best Buy here in Canada and I'll probably get one

Sonic_Vs_Mario343d ago

Gamevice lawsuit? They probably wait until the sales are successful

StuffAndThings343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Nintendo can't sue anybody as they are also facing a lawsuit for copying the Joy Con designs from somebody else that has the patent

Shiken343d ago

Negative, the joy cons are patented by Nintendo. Gamevice made something that could slid onto a tablet, thats it.

The joy cons can not only connect to the switch, but work as stand alone controllers, motion controllers, or as a regular controller.

They are two very different things that share one minor detail. The most that will come from it is a settlement, if that.

PaulFiend343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

much <3 for the mighty Famicom, my first gaming console ever