Games You Probably Didn't Know Sony Published

"Sony has a whole heap of famous IPs, from Gran Turismo to Horizon: Zero Dawn; they’ve assembled a huge family of iconic games/series throughout their 20+ years in the video game industry. Sony has also done its fair share of outsourcing when it comes to publishing third-party titles. Here are five games you might not have realized Sony published." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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FallenAngel1984343d ago

Well nothing from this list is surprising.

Many games have had multiple publishers across different regions on a lot of platforms.

Eonjay343d ago

I actually knew all of these.

Razzer343d ago

"Unfortunately, Microsoft can’t force Sony to merge Minecraft networks so players across all platforms can play together. Until that day comes, PlayStation players are left out of the fun."

I don't see PS players crying about this so....

generic-user-name343d ago

If I was a 10 yr old Minecraft player I might care.

I love how the gaming media is so eager to bring this up over and over again while they kept their mouths shut last gen when Sony wanted cross platform MP and MS were too arrogant to allow it.

brettnll342d ago

I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to be able to play with others on every other platform.

Razzer342d ago

I don't think your average gamer cares either way. Why should they? It isn't like there is shortage of players on PS. You say they are "left out of the fun"., pretty sure they can still find plenty of others playing Minecraft.