New Destiny 2 Info Reveals Over 80 Missions , New Exotic, The Magician Tease And More

Some interesting new details regarding Destiny 2  have emerged from the latest issue from Edge magazine issue number 310

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Shin-Zantetsuken217d ago

Amazing! For comparison the first Destiny had only 41 PvE missions and many of them were pretty short so the game lasted barely 8 hours. This one has over 80 and each one is claimed to be pretty lengthy with rich story. The Edge article mentions that the writer spent 60 hours with the game and still wasnt done with the PvE content! Some pieces of information even state that the story alone lasted around 55 hours and much more content unlocks after finishing the story campaign like lost sectors, adventures, world quests, and patrols! Edge was left pretty impressed with the game due to the quality and amount of the content in the game! I will leave a link to a video which summarizes the Edge article. Be careful though there are massive spoilers in the video regarding the story and final boss. Although there is a clear warning in the video so you can skip the spoilers like I did.

NewMonday217d ago

the 4v4 PvP turned me off but the prospects of a great SP stir my interest again.

HystericalGamez217d ago

Completely misleading.

Destiny had 97 PVE activities. They aren't only counting missions in this list, PVE activities counts Public Events, Patrols, Exotic Quests etc, so don't be fooled. Would expect the game to launch with MAYBE 50 missions at the most, with the rest of the "activities" being filled with other stuff.

Sam Fisher217d ago

You are definitely correct

Shin-Zantetsuken217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

97 activities Vanilla Destiny?? The video is talking about vanilla Destiny when it says it had 41 PvE activities and also gives a breakdown which includes story missions, strikes, and public events. I am going by the information in the video and have never counted them myself so cant say for sure.

D3TH_D33LR217d ago

Try harder troll. That total comes after 3 whole years of destiny. We're talking a game launch here since you clearly forgot

HystericalGamez217d ago

People arguing, but misleading your fans isn't wrong?



Yeah, it should have more than D1, because D1 had almost nothing as far as missions and activities. DLC 1 and 2 didn't add much, we didn't have a major content Drop until a year later with TTK.

So let me know how I'm trolling D3TH. They're being misleading by making it seem like the game has nearly 70 or 80 missions in it's base vanilla form, but it very obviously won't.

Wording things the way they are is just a way to pad the number.

Shin-Zantetsuken217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

I agree with you that D1 broke a lot of promises and disappointed everybody. It had barely any content or a coherent story. Moreover, the loot and progression system were broken. But we know that D1 went through a lot of development troubles and upheaval. Some major staff members left and the game was completely reworked for whatever reason and was delayed. A lot of showcased content did not make it into vanilla game. As a result, it was left as a mutilated corpse of its original form. However, gunplay was just so amazing that it retained people and kept them playing for the next 3 years. The lore is pretty amazing too once you study the grimoire cards or watch a few videos by lore channels on YouTube. Bungie also made a lot of improvements over the year albeit by charging extra money...

Now Bungie is claiming they have learnt from their mistakes and have put Luke Smith in charge to build a game with rich story and content with the same amazing gameplay. From what I have watched of IGN First series of videos and all other information, the game seems to be shaping up excellently. Hopefully, they will keep their promises with D2 and it really does have all the content they are promising. The game is less than a month away so we will soon find out.

Dark_Knightmare2217d ago

No buddy you're being misleading. Destiny didn't have that many pve activities until all the expansions were released. Vanilla Destiny had something like 41 or 42 total so this at launch having 80 is almost double the content of destiny 1 at launch. I know you want to hate destiny 2 because it's the cool thing to do on the internet and content was the go to for you guys but with the information coming out it seems like that's not going to work

217d ago
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Dark_Knightmare2217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Look at the haters down voting you because your excited for destiny 2. I got destiny vanilla on launch day and traded it in a month later didn't really like it but I decided to rebuy it when taken king came out and im glad I did because the game by that point was so much better and I'm super hyped for destiny 2.

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Felsager217d ago

They will get an economical increase and a good redeeming chance if they do the following:

1. Dedicated servers for games.
2. Guardian and level set tweaking for special games on dedicated servers.
3. Better parkour and agility on guardians, they move too slow, more interactivity and climbing on the levels.
4. Rewards the PVE who works in cooperation and makes heavies and suppers fun. Reuse time is too long.
5. Get rid of the kick button, that evades toxic behavior.

thekhurg217d ago

The lack of dedicated servers kills this game's potential.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI217d ago

I don't really understand this since most of the most popular shooters right now DON'T have dedicated servers.

Dark_Knightmare2217d ago

Really most of the popular fps games this gen don't use dedicated servers and destiny didn't really ever have server problems so you must be disappointed in almost every big fps this gen

thekhurg217d ago


Battlefield 4
Battlefield 1
Battlefront 2

Dedicated servers.

Destiny = peer to peer. Watch the lag switching garbage that plague competitive PVP in that. Users even tested it in the Destiny 2 beta and it worked again. Peer to peer connections are complete trash and far too easy to exploit.

GrimDragon217d ago

Doritos and Mountain Dew ready.

Asuka217d ago

More like Poptarts and Rockstar as they are sponsors for D2 =p

GrimDragon217d ago

Lol f*k it snack table ready.

shaun mcwayne217d ago

Breakfast of destiny 2 champions.

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