Batman: The TellTale Series Receives A Mysterious 22 GB Update On PC

Batman: The Telltale Series has received a string of two mysterious updates on PC recently the combined size for these two updates are around 22 GB.

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Shadyceaser338d ago

4k assets maybe.... Just a guess

sizeofyou337d ago

16K assets maybe. Forward planning...

Zerito337d ago

Still have to play this game...

AcidDvl337d ago

You're not missing much. If you want a proper Batman experience, play the Arkham Franchise.

Telltale doesn't understand the Batman lore enough to make good Batman stories.

Zerito335d ago

Oh that's sad to hear... I loved the Arkham Franchise and i've heard there is another coming, maybe i'll play it in some sale for 6 bucks or something

badz149336d ago

22 freakin GB update?? that's a whole lot of indie games that can fit that size