The Top 8 Mega Man Robot Masters

COGconnected - In honor of the recently released Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, we've decided to rank our Top 8 Mega Man Robot Masters of all time.

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spdygaming160d ago

Guts Man should've been a shoo-in just because of how iconic the guy is.

PleaseMyWife160d ago

1. Distant father man
2. Exgirlfriend Man
3. Tax Man
4. Regular man
5. Autism Awareness Man
6. Sales Man
7. Athiest but Spiritual Man
8. Cokehead Landlord man

Saved u a click

meganick159d ago

Thanks for saving me a click. That's a solid list, but I would have included Date Rape Man.

FullmetalRoyale160d ago

Gotta give a shoutout to my first video game nemesis Ice Man.