Kingdom Come: Deliverance Interview

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set to release in 2018 and is certainly one of the biggest titles to arrive in Q1. Xbox Tavern fired a few questions over to Rick, Community Manager at Warhorse Studios.

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Bigpappy71d ago

Sounds good. But if there in no magic, the you should have lots of unlockable moves and up stats on your equipment when you find loot. Hope they take advantage of quick load times on the X.

andrewsquall70d ago

In other words, you hope that Cryengine has been catered to "take advantage of quick load times on the X" even though we have yet to see a single shred of Cryengine "take advantage" of the GDDR5 console ALREADY on the market this past 4 years.

But don't worry, X will change the current generation of gaming and development as we know it with its current ZERO install base.

Oh and this game is going to bomb so bad no matter what platform its on.

CloudStrife90069d ago

Let's not start a war where one isn't needed. As for the game bombing, that remains to be seen. It doesn't look like a game that will bomb and already has quite the following. Time will tell I guess.

Bigpappy69d ago

What is it with you and GDDR5 RAM? It is a non issue for any and all engines.

CloudStrife90069d ago

Yup no magic. Completely authentic to the time period, so it should be pretty brutal. In terms of loot / stats, I hope so too. From what I understand, the game is already complete. Devs are now spending the next several months boosting performance and bug squashing.

2ndhandcorn71d ago

Very interested as it has no magic or beasts but every vid so far looks clunky with loads of dialogue.

CloudStrife90069d ago

Over four hours of cutscenes, so I suspect (like you say) it will be full of dialogue and story rich.