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EDGE #310 review scores

This month’s EDGE reviews include a tough score for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, Splatoon 2, and more.

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Community344d ago
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NewMonday344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

great score for Pyre, game is going under the radar, was looking forward to the next Supergiant game ever since the classic Transistor.

tough score for Hellblade, can't win them all.

freshslicepizza344d ago

Runs very well on the PC, great voice acting and soundtrack once again.

jznrpg344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Plays great on PS4 too. Doesn't play on Xbox ,Hellblade and Pyre

Tech5343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

runs and looks even better on pc...

Deep-throat344d ago

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – 4

They didn't like the walking sim.

Adexus344d ago

It's far from a walking sim.

CDzNutts344d ago

Just because its a walking sim doesnt mean its bad. Im loving it so far.

PhantomTommy344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

It's a walking sim that occasionally tests your ability to move Senua into a highlighted area and then move the right analog stick until you "solve" a puzzle. The combat had serious potential but Ninja Theory failed to build on it, you fight the same enemies with essentially the same moveset from around the third hour until the very end of the game.

I don't think it's an awful game by any means and 4/10 seems way too harsh -- but at the same time, I wish the people calling it a masterpiece would explain why they feel that way instead of just saying "It's a masterpiece". I know Senua is brilliantly animated and acted and the story is fine for the most part, but is that really enough?

MegamanXXX344d ago

I think he's trolling because it's not on Xbox. I had a blast playing it. It runs well on PC

UCForce344d ago

I don't think so. It's very close to Spec op The Line.

UCForce344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

For those who disagree with me, it's misunderstanding. My apology. What i mean is that Hellblade have similar theme to Spec Op The Line which is good thing. Besides, Spec Op The Line has amazing story. I disagree with @Deep-throat about Hellblade gameplay. Hellblade has combat, but he just ignored it.

Deep-throat344d ago

I know, but you most walk and walk, the combat system doesn't change that.

generic-user-name344d ago

You don't like the console it's available on.

Deep-throat344d ago

Bro the game is on PC. See PhantomTommy's comment to know what I called it a walking sim.

UCForce343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

@Deep-throat it's on PC and PS4, but you just make a poor statement.

zielocz3k344d ago

i completed Hellblade yesterday and its 9/10
easily in my TOP 5 games this year.

UCForce343d ago

Oh really ? These two games want to break away from typical action hero. Spec Op The Line made you think like a hero, but it backfired on your face. Hellblade is about dealing with fear, doubt and lost. Those two games do shared one goal, they will fight their hallucinations and demons until it's no longer in their head.

CernaML343d ago

You wouldnt have said anything if it was on Xbox. lol

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slappy508344d ago

4 for Hellblade. So Edgie

CrimsonWing69344d ago

Man 4 on hellblade is way off. That game is fantastic and I hope Nonja Theory gets recognition for it.

nucky64343d ago

I don't know about recognition; but, I do know i'll buy NT next game without hesitation. hellblade is a great game.

Goldby342d ago

Recognition can come from many fronts.

For example the visuals are on par and exceed some AAA games released around the same time with more funding.

Or their use of 3D audio and motion capture tech. Senua I felt had more life in her face than Aloy. Really only matched by Uncharted 4 during Cutscenes.

The subject about Psychosis, overcoming fear and doubt should also be recognized as it is a topic not a lot of media is touching, let alone video games.

It is shorter than most SP narrative driven games yes, but it is also an independent game that was funded completely by NT.

It should if anything make some developers open their eyes to their lack of quality in their games. Sometimes, making games isn't just about the money.

Seafort343d ago

It's the players that decide not some magazine. It's 2nd in top sellers list on Steam and is getting 90% with user reviews as well.

I loved the game from beginning to end on PC. Took me 10 hrs to finish and I still missed a few totems.

Sm00thNinja344d ago

If anything was wrong with HELLBLADE it's the combat. Certain fights like the sea of corpses bit tend to drag and feel repetitive. This is a minor gripe the rest of the game is fantastic. And Xbox fans that are just salty because it's not on their console.... it's a PlayStation First title it'll come to Xbox at a later date almost assuredly calm down

nucky64343d ago

not taking anything away from how you feel - others have talked about repetition - I'm just wondering why this never applies to racing games - "great game, except you just keep going around the track over and over".
btw - I really didn't find hellbade that repetitive at each his own, I guess.

Sm00thNinja343d ago

MAYBE REPETITION wasn't the right word. The enemy types were lacking. Melee guy, shield guy, dual ax guy, big guy, repeat. I enjoyed the combat I'd love to see them build off this system. I thought it was an excellent game. Emotion wise it is unparalleled. I haven't beaten it yet. I just entered Hellheim

Segata343d ago

I'm not surprised. NT games combat is typically awful. Western devs are rarely good at action combat these days.

Goldby342d ago

The combat itself is very good, very smooth, and I like how there is no hud and it is all visual.

It was a shame there were only 6 different enemies throughout the game, but in the moment to moment of combat I wasn't wishing for any new enemies, trust me there.

I was playing on the hardest difficulty so that may have been why.

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