Daddy’s Little Gamer – Gaming Through The Eyes Of A Toddler

An article about a 2 year old girl's first experiences with gaming (both as player and spectator to her daddy) It's an amusing read

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JohnSantina218d ago

I wrote this on Twitter but wanted to say it here too: great article! As an adult gamer with a 2-year-old, it's always a joy to read about other gamers introducing their young children to gaming.

bloodyspasm218d ago

Thank you, that's nice to hear :) if this does well enough I might make it into a series with different games each time. feedback so far has been great (mostly on Facebook Nintendo Community)

kalkano218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

My brother intended to do a linear gaming list (time-wise) for his daughter, and started her on Pac-Man. But then, she saw him playing Breath of the Wild, and wanted to "make him climb". That's quite a leap forward.