When Does a Game Stop Being Fun?

It's all fun and games until you hate the games and the fun is long gone.

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NewMonday157d ago

from my experience, Destiny was a fun game from day1 that kept deteriorating with every update as Bungie struggle trying to appease Redditors and end up alienating a large bulk of quite gamers.

maybelovehate156d ago

Destiny is still fun, but they did make a lot of silly mistakes. In my opinion the worst was leaving behind the old Raids with every new one. They should have updated the old Raids with new gear and difficulty. Vault of Glass was never topped but because it became so easy over time with no new rewards the enjoyment of it was lessened with every release. Sill not a game I like to use as an example though. I have over a 1000 hours in that game, so it stayed fun much longer than most games. I think for all games it is just a matter of content becoming to familiar and it gets boring. That is just life.

narsaku156d ago

Simple answer: When you get bored of it.

Complex answer: When the game runs out of quality replay value options like different main story ending, interesting single player modes, fun and engaging online multiplayer/community, co-op options etc etc etc

..Then there's games like overwatch, which have almost none of that, except for the fact that it's so incredibly basic that anyone can hop in, shoot some ppl, get called a winner and trash talk before quitting.

..Which is fine of course, sometimes simple is what a person needs, but I certainly wouldn't pay more than 10 bucks for it myself.

..Next thing you know we'll be paying 100+ dollars for a single player story game. XD

..Oh wait, we already are.

"scratches ear* ./shrug

GrimDragon156d ago

Um.....when it gets boring.?

BrianOBlivion156d ago

The moment you realize that endlessly grinding for ever diminishing returns of slightly incremental virtual loot has become a waste of precious life.

DarkKaine156d ago

Hello fellow Path of Exile player!

BrianOBlivion155d ago

"Grinding Gear Games" is not very subtle.

fenome155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Nothing lasts forever, so as long as you had some fun for a while then cool. If it stops being fun then move along, there are tons of options out there.

Life's short, play hard.