Cliff Bleszinski: I’m not worried about the slow start of LawBreakers

According to the developer, the Steam community’s hosting of the game has been positive; however, there has not been the best start for LawBreakers in terms of a number of players.

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Erik735771d ago

It's trash don't try to copy Overwatch

Woolly_71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

bruh.. take it easy ^_^

It plays nothing like Overwatch though...

Sam Fisher71d ago

Bruh, yes it does. Plain and simple

OpieWinston71d ago

The lads clearly never played Quake.
He probably thought Halo 5 was a CoD clone.
Witcher was a Elder Scrolls copy.

Aeery71d ago

Some posts are seriously embarrassing to read.
I mean, why do ppl love to show their ignorance ? Insecure too much ?
This game (probably) started slow because it's not the most family friend game ever and the learning curve is pretty steep, discouraging a lot of people that played the beta.

InTheZoneAC71d ago

then why of all games does he make references to Overwatch?

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neoandrew71d ago

WAT It's more like old school fast fps, unreal tournament, quake etc.

Sam Fisher71d ago

Thats what i wanted it to be but its its not

Antarius71771d ago

I find it enjoyable. Decent game for only 30 dollars

Sciurus_vulgaris71d ago

And Overwatch is so original? The game literally took Team Fortress, added heros as subclasses, and supers from Destiny. If Lawbreakers is a copy of Overwatch, the later is just a copy of Team Fortress 2 and MOBAs.

InTheZoneAC71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

took supers from destiny? LOL what!?!??!!?!?!???!??! CoD Black Ops 3 was the closest to stealing off Destiny Supers but there's nothing in overwatch that mimicks destiny.

NiteX71d ago

Whether or not a game is original has nothing to do with it being good. Honestly no game is original anymore these days. The problem is Lawbreakers just plays it too safe, it's not really that good, but it's also not bad. It's just merely okay.

awdevoftw71d ago

To be fair, overwatch is garbage too. Some people just love garbage.

Bruh71d ago

Get good bro, you Hanzo main

ShinnokDrako70d ago

No it's not. You don't like it? Fine. For you is garbage? Good, your point of view.
In general, Overwatch, is NOT garbage at all.

InTheZoneAC70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Give me one reason why it's garbage. I'm willing to bet you played some characters once, didn't understand wtf was going on and kept dying.

VforVideogames71d ago

or maybe next time don't insult console gamers in general how bout da cliffy b?

Nightcyberspud71d ago

You do realize that the dude in a very real way created and refined many of the mechanics that Blizzard apes in Overwatch.

Cartman5512571d ago

Clearly haven't played Lawbreakers. Unreal Tournament is a better comparison than Overwatch. Your ignorant "hot take" does the game an injustice

Altovoltage71d ago

I can tell you haven't played it yet. It doesn't play like overwatch at all.

Perjoss70d ago

Overwatch is far from original plus it has a ton of issues

Uken1270d ago

Lawbreakers has awful design. People don't like the look. Overwatch has incredible design. Honestly OW isn't a game I care to play but I can recognize what it does well. Everything it does is solid. But not innovative, just a MOBA FPS game with different characters to play and RPG elements.
No single player seems meh to me. I don't want to buy a game just for Online Battling especially when lag is an issue.

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Sonic_Vs_Mario71d ago

Such a shame not releasing on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch making it cross play.

superchiller71d ago

The Switch is way too weak to run this game, be realistic.

DELTABOY0470d ago

xbox one s cant run it either

Thunder_G0d_Bane70d ago

Do you think this game is more demanding than GTA 5? GTA 5 runs on the 360/PS3, The Switch is more powerful than the 360/PS3....

Yeah i don't think running it is the problem. They know their audience and Nintendo fans wouldnt buy it. I main a PC and got no interest in lawbreakers.

shaggy230370d ago

It does seem strange for Cliffy B to totally disregard the Xbox family of consoles, I mean the Xbox 360 pretty much made Cliffy B what he is to day. I guess Sony gave him a blank cheque and told him to write a large number on it.

JonnS71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Yes you are , cause if you were super confident in the game you would shut up and continue the behind the scenes work to improve it more but yet here you are try to reassure everyone including yourself that it's doing great.
When it's not .

slate9171d ago

It was an interview. If you dont understand how N4G works please use a different site for your gaming news, or cease posting in the comment section. Thanks!

JonnS71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Yes he's worried that his first venture on his own is a failure.and one doesn't need to know how a site works to comment on said site or articles.

If you don't like my comment just move along .
Cause am going to post weather you agree or don't . So take care

Christopher71d ago

It's not his first venture on his own...

rainslacker71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Edit: Meant to reply to the OP. Sorry.

Cliff worried?

Doesn't sound like him.

Sounds kind of hyperbolic to me to assert that he is worried about something when he has much more details about the sales of the game than you do.

He may be worried. He may not care. He may be right where he expected to be.

While I don't like the way CliffyB expresses his opinions much of the time, he is a straight shooter, and overall, is someone that knows what to expect. Even the times he goes on about stuff we don't like, he's still usually right more often than he's wrong.

I have no interest in the game itself, but what does he have to worry about with this game? If it flops, he can just move onto the next game. At this point, has it flopped? May not have done overwatch numbers, but does that make it a flop?

All that matters are the expectations that he had from the game, and if he met those, there is no reason to worry. If he didn't meet them, he is the kind of guy that looks at the reason why....usually after trying to blame something else first. Worry isn't something he's prone to though.

All that being said, you said you were typing angrily to someone who pointed out a grammatical error.

My question to you is why so angry over this? Do you have some reason to be angry about it? What is your personal investment in this game or CliffyB himself?

Seems you're more worried about it than he is....and there is really no reason for you to be.

So.....what's the deal with you, and why behave like a child. Were you personally offended that he said this? Does his stated stance have any bearing on your life whatsoever? Was his comment directed at you to offend you in some way?

Or is this just another instance of you trying to make something out of nothing, and be an a** to those you don't like like you normally are?

shinoff218371d ago

You meant whether not weather. Just saying.

Anyway im not interested in the game, online only no thanks cliffy. Come with that single player next time

JonnS71d ago

Thank you for the correction .,
Was typing rather angrily and not paying attention.

JonnS71d ago

@rain when I stated typing angrily had nothing to do with this game or article so lets stop trying turn my comment into some BS logic or create some lame reason that u have interpreted .

Second BK can go broke and Cliffy B can disappear from gaming and I wouldn't shed a tear nor would I concern myself about .