Atari Flashback 2: Complete Review and Breakdown

This should hold you over until the Atari Box is finally revealed!

I had bought the Atari Flashback 2 having no idea of its true potential, but after countless hours playing it and getting acquainted with its interface, I am pleased to report that this is definitely a must-own for anyone who experiences intense bouts of Atari fever.

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superchiller343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

"A+" for a cheap plug-and-play console that plays ugly, ancient Atari 2600 games and only includes a crappy composite video output? What is this clown smoking?

LumpztheClown343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Lol...gotta give you props for that last question! :-)

Anyway...Ugly? Perhaps when one is unfairly comparing it to a system with over 20x the processing power. That would be like comparing the Wright Bros. plane to a 747: not even in the same league with both of them being awesome in their own right.

And as a proud owner and one who's spoken directly with one of the developers behind the FB2, I'd hardly say that this is cheap. A cheap plug 'n play would be my Sonic-shaped AtGames Sega Genesis.

Sure, it comes with SD card support so you can add more ROMs, but those cheapo wireless controls turned out to be a dealbreaker.

When compared to other plug 'n plays, the Atari Flashback 2 is one of the best ones you can find, and typically for under $30. :-)