Before Genesis: The Sega Master System

The definition of Genesis tells us that it’s the origin of something. If you went by this letter of the law, you’d think the Sega Genesis was the company’s first console. In actuality, there were two different consoles that the company put out. The first was the SG-1000, which was native to Japan. The second was the Master System.

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PhoenixUp367d ago

The commercial ad campaign for SG-1000 gave us the debut of the now famous "SE-GA!" jingle

SegaGamer367d ago

My first console. Power Strike, Wonderboy, Alex Kidd, R-Type, The Ninja, fun times.

radiantmind13366d ago

me too, choplifter, Zillion

Apocalypse Shadow366d ago

Loved Zillion and Phantasy Star. Got my mecha fix and my first great RPG. Loved that system. Then sold it for the Master System converter for my Genesis. Good times.

Now I emulate them and take them on the go. Wish Sega updated Zillion like they did PS.


Wonderboy was one of my favorite and I spend a lot of time playing Rocky

LastCenturyRob366d ago

beyond under rated console! Could not stop the juggernaut of Nintendo but still had the best arcade conversions of games that came out on both systems! Shinobi and R-Type were freaking master pieces! Phantasy Star blew me away as well! The hardware was significantly more powerful than the NES too. I still preferred the NES overall, only because it had more "great" games, but it doesn't mean it wasn't close! Some fantastic games on Sega's 8 bit!

Orionsangel366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

The damn ad in the 80's showing Shinobi made me get it over the NES. It looked better than NES graphics. I kind of regretted it but I did like my SMS. Wonder Boy in Monsterland is my favorite game on the SMS. Followed closely by Phantasy Star. Eventually I got an NES because I was missing out.

awdevoftw366d ago

Great system. I had the nes and my neighbor had the master system. I loved playing teddy boy, and zillion. I actually preferred the master system.

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