5 HD Remasters Nintendo Switch Needs - Level Smack

The top 5 HD remasters dream list for the Nintendo Switch.

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PhoenixUp161d ago

How could you propose an HD remaster consisting of 3D Mario platformers but not suggest Super Mario Galaxy but rather its sequel instead?

PhoenixUp161d ago

One would not leave SMG1 out of a collection period

TallonIV160d ago

I agree it should be included but imo Galaxy 2 was better than Galaxy 1.

-GreenRanger161d ago

I would like Eternal Darkness.

Asuka160d ago

Give me Twin Snakes, please!

gleepot160d ago

I like how #5 is actually like 5+ more games

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory160d ago

Again. Miyamoto said no on past 3D Mario Remakes.
If he say no it won't happen since he pretty much decides whether or not a game gets through

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