Amazon opens preorders for Fallout 4 GOTY Pip-Boy Edition

Amazon has opened preorders for the Pip-Boy Edition of the Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition.

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ocelot07195d ago

Since the UK does not seem to be getting this GOTY Pip-Boy Edition. If you still want the Pip-boy GAME still have plenty of stock on PS4 and Xbox One for the base pip boy edition for £70.

RommyReigns194d ago

They're selling the base game for £10, so basically the base pip boy edition would cost another £60 on top at GAME

RommyReigns194d ago

Fallout 4 + Steelbook + Postcards £10

Preowned Fallout 4 + Preowned Infamous Second Son + Preowned Far Cry 4 for £15

ocelot07194d ago

Forgive me but am a little confused here. I know Fallout 4 on it's own can be had for dirt cheap now (£5 pre owned on XB1). All am saying is if anyone still wants the pip-boy collector's edition in the UK. GAME still have stock of the Pip-boy edition that released in 2015. It comes with the base Fallout 4 game and steelbook but with none of the DLC.

shinoff2183195d ago

Grabbed one yesterday, I missed out on the other one back when it orginally released. I hope all the DLC is on disc.

SinkingSage195d ago

"Preorder" of an already released item for an already released game.

Elwenil194d ago

At least you know what you are buying instead of how it is with some new games.

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