New Limited Edition PlayStation F.C. DualShock 4 Controller Announced

A new Limited Edition PlayStation F.C. DualShock 4 controller has been announced by Sony. The new controller is set to be released this September in Europe.

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-GreenRanger489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

Not a soccer fan but this controller looks awesome for soccer fans. I would've like an NBA themed controller since basketball is the only sport I watch. Sony having The Show, they also should do a baseball theme.

LP-Eleven488d ago

Indeed. The Blue color really adds to the sleekness of it!

Yi-Long489d ago

Not impressed, TBH. Nothing special aboit the blue colour (quite boring, actually), and the prints on it just make it look cheap.

AnubisG488d ago

They would sell a lot more if they made football club controllers like Barca, MU, Real Madrid, PSG etc...
This, well doesn't look so great.

Sonic_Vs_Mario488d ago

Sony ----

Slaps some stickers on Duelshock 4 and calls it a limited Edition controller

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