7 Terrible Video Games That Should Have Been Good

Not every game can be a winner, but that mentality doesn't soften the blow when a game backed by so much hype winds up being a dud. Gfycat covers seven games that had potential, but wound up being disappointing messes.

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PhoenixUp342d ago

Now make list of 7 good videos games that should've been terrible.

InKnight7s342d ago

Minecraft, Call of Duty games, DmC, MGS5, RE5, Horizon Zero Dawn (you know medicore fps developers making open world RPG game sound insane) and help.

Godmars290342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

7 games that suffered major production restraints?

CloudStrife900342d ago

Duke Nukem Forever... ugh! That game is the only game that gave me the chance to eat dinner, take a bath, and wash my car, every time I died, yet still have time to get back before the game reloaded. Sonic 06 would be proud.

SolidGear3342d ago

I love the 4 games that are tagged in this but I hate the GTA series with a fiery passion and I've never played The Witcher III, Skyrim or Bloodborne.

Soulst0rmer342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

o__O really!?

TheGamersGhost342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

I'm probably alone in this, but I felt The Witcher was a little overrated. After so many hours, I just grew tired of it. You should give it a shot, though! Bloodborne, too.

The only one on this list I kind of enjoyed was The Order... but I can still find the many flaws it has.

SolidGear3341d ago

Yeah, The Order is definitely my favorite from the list :3

stefan_771341d ago

What don't you like about GTA?

SolidGear3341d ago

I've played several entries in the series and they all bore me. I don't like the setting, stories, open world or anything. Just not my thing. Alien: Colonial Marines would be more fun for me.