Destiny 2 On PC Includes In-Game FPS Counter, Frame Rate Cap Adjusted Through Config File

Bungie came under fire last week when they revealed that Destiny 2 on PC would not allow third-party monitoring programs to be used alongside the game.

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nX9d ago

Oh yeah because PC gamers can't view and cap their FPS themselves /s

TankCrossing9d ago

Tis no bad thing, especially when they've already said that a lot of the tools PC gamers typically use for this will not be compatible with the game.

thekhurg9d ago

Pretty sure everything is compatible if you're running borderless windowed mode. Which a lot of PC gamers already do since multi-monitor configurations are so common.

kevnb9d ago

It's nice to have it built in, especially since most software won't work with destiny 2.

9d ago
maybelovehate9d ago

Great news. Be easy to adjust to get the best experience.