5 Features the No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Update Adds that Really Do Change the Game

GamesRadar - It's been over a year since Hello Games' space exploration game was released, but the new No Man's Sky Atlas Rises update introduces a ton of new features that really does change the game.

The update was teased earlier this week but has now landed on both PS4 and PC and comes complete with a huge changelist full of features ranging from over 30 hours of new story content, joint exploration and portal images.

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ObviousGoldfish194d ago

Man this game has been dumbed down more than Smash Bros.

ObviousGoldfish194d ago

Yep by bringing said features, that let's be honest, no one really wanted after a few hours with this already fine gem.

theKiller194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

the game looks so tempting now to play. I dont care about the past. i didnt buy it in the past, and still didnt buy it. but it is very tempting. I think their next update will make me jump in? maybe even now.

i just hope there will be exciting things to do and not be repetitive. I hope there will be high excitement and challenges.

this game has the potential to be a massive hit.

LordofYogurt194d ago

No it hasn't? If anything it's been made more complex. What the fuck are you on?

ObviousGoldfish194d ago

Common sense is what "we" are on, friend.

nX193d ago

Looks like a professional troll, not many of them out there but they're masters at their art.

TheSaint193d ago

And another shit tier opinion.

Dragonscale193d ago

@obvious, insulting somebody isn't an argument.

ObviousGoldfish193d ago

@dragonscale you are okay in my book but not sure how LGBT community feels about you being so secretive.

Dragonscale193d ago

What the fuck does that even mean?

deafdani191d ago

He's implying you're gay and you need to come out of the closet.

Pretty good trolling, actually. 8/10.

Dragonscale191d ago

@deaf, yeah I know what he implied. I was being sarcastic.

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AndreR193d ago

They made it better in every way. It feels more alive now.

The_Sage193d ago

I have a feeling that you may need medication, Obvious. You don't seem to have a very good grasp on reality. Also, "we" means more than one.

P.S. I would take a bus to your psychiatric appointment. You shouldn't be driving.

zugdar193d ago

Wow 0 up to 71 and climbing downs. I think you found the only idea that can unite everybody :p

TheSaint192d ago

Lol, it's ok kid, you'll grow up one day..... maybe....though I doubt it.....

C-H-E-F192d ago

dumbed down, but they added a new difficulty "survivor" which makes it harder smh... go away

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Braveheart_NZ193d ago

In my country of New Zealand, No Mans Sky is currently having a 75% sale so was going extremely cheap ( $23.45 NZ which is $17.16 US ), so we decided to try it since the version we were going to be trying for the very first time was with the newly added Atlas update patch included. My partner hasn't put the game down for the whole weekend which is out of character for her with any game really, and she has only stopped for a little sleep when she was till playing at 3am then when I checked in the morning she was back out in the living room playing it again and as I type this is still playing and it's now nearly 2pm in the afternoon hahaha. It's got a hold on her lol. Money well spent on a good game and a steal at that very low price. We don't know what went on before the Atlas patch so we can only judge the game now and its good to us. A great bargain for us for the price we got this game for. Show patience in the game and it will reward you.

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bennissimo193d ago ShowReplies(4)
agent4532193d ago

So is it finally worth it to buy this game

ObviousGoldfish193d ago

It was worth it on day 1 buddy.

UCForce193d ago

But It's still worth it in the end. You need let go your anger.

ObviousGoldfish193d ago

Anger? No anger here. Just love for the outer space experience that I have and still have love for. Open your heart before throwing out your distrust, UCForce.

nowitzki2004193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

lol no it wasn't. I bought it day 1 and regretted it. Game would have been good if 90% of the stuff they promised was there. They need 10 more major updates like this to add everything they said the game would have.. Just go back and watch some dev videos before the release.

UCForce193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I'm not convinced by your statement. Here the thing, I know No Man Sky has rocky launch and yes the game deserved to be criticized by everyone for lying. But Hello Games stayed and tried to fix their mistake. They want a redemption. Hello Games could ran away with all the money that people have bought their game and not supporting it. But it would be a biggest coward, not just biggest liar. Instead, Hello Games use all moneys that people have bought their game and supporting the game.

Irishguy95193d ago

Day 1 was a woeful piece of crap

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Nodoze193d ago

THIS is why you should always hold on to your games. In some cases they age like fine wine.

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