Forgotten PlayStation 1 Classics That Deserve a Remaster

Never the most popular games, a remaster may just be what these forgotten PlayStation 1 classics need to touch base with today's gaming audiences.

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PhoenixUp221d ago

Many of those titles are readily available on PSN and Ape Escape already had a remake

PhantomTommy221d ago

Forgot all about that. Must have been a nightmare playing that game with only one analog stick.

spdygaming221d ago

Wasn't that a direct port, though? Not a remake or remaster?

PhoenixUp221d ago

@ Phantom

Not as much as playing Super Mario 64 without an analog stick on DS.

@ spdy

It's as much a port as you would consider Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy a port. But since both were built from the ground up with new assets, it's logical to call them remakes

Soulst0rmer220d ago

Gex needs a return and I'd like to see N2O: Nitrous Oxide in 4k

spdygaming220d ago

I remember square enix announcing that they'd let developers work on their old IPs, Gex included. That was two years ago, though.

-Gespenst-221d ago

God I'd love another Tomba (Tombi where I am) game. One of my all time favourites. It's basically a cartoony 2.5D metroidvania where you can jump forward or backward into parallel 2D planes (just watch a video). It was a Tokuro Fujiwara game - I don't know what happened to that guy. He doesn't seem to have any internet presence, and I'm not even sure if he's in the games industry anymore. If he is, he needs to make Tomba 3 asap.

spdygaming221d ago

Tomba was the sort of game that you had to make someone play through for them to understand just how good of a game it was. Severely underrated. I got to play the 2nd game first and then asked a relative from Japan to snatch up a copy of the first game. Turns out they're pretty rare. Also, last I heard of Tokuro Fujiwara was he was with PlatinumGames and most of the staff who worked on Tomba are now with Access Games, who worked on DMC4, IIRC.

-Gespenst-221d ago

Yeah it's one of those games that, when you first play it, you have to play it for a bit before it hits you how great it is. The 2nd game is good too, but I feel like they should have stuck to sprites for characters rather than ps1-era polygonal models. Also the music wasn't nearly as good, but the gameplay was there.

It seems the last game Tokuro Fujiwara worked on was that game Madworld for the Wii, and that was like 8 years ago. Other than that I think he gave his blessing and some encouragement to the developers of that Clock Tower spiritual successor NightCry, but he didn't work on it or anything. Man, he should just team up with Access Games and make Tomba 3.

spdygaming220d ago

Which is why it's a real damn shame that these forgotten classics will probably remain forgotten.

Kun_ADR220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

I would love another Crash Team racing game. I remembered spending hours at my local arcade (the ps1 back then costed an arm and a leg in my country) just to play it. It is the only kart racer that I think can legitimately compete with Mario Kart.

Harvest Moon Back To Nature is also another game that I would pay good money to play again on modern console. Too bad Natsumi or whoever has the rights to the franchise now seem to be on a mission to fu*k the franchise up.

spdygaming220d ago

Oh man. Harvest moon. That game literally made me go to my grandparent's farm and try my hands at being a farmer. I didn't really do much farming, but it was a memorable experience nonetheless. Lol

andrewsquall220d ago

Jersey Devil was another one I think although I don't know much about it. It was in all the magazines back in the day.

spdygaming220d ago

Now that's a hidden gem. Would've included it had it received better reviews. The camera work in that game was just plain atrocious!