Opening Credits in Video Games are Getting Better, and They’re More Important than You Might Think

GamesRadar - What do Octodad, Until Dawn and Uncharted 4 all have in common?

When used correctly, then, opening titles can effortlessly establish the identity of a creative work in a way like no other, setting the tone for what's to come while introducing the audience to its fiction and easing them into the immersion of fantasy. As games continue to draw in a wider audience, pushing themselves further towards equal recognition alongside that of film and television, the role of the title credits are more important now than ever before.

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SCW1982339d ago

Opening credits to Uncharted 4 gave me goosebumps. Was such an awesome way to start that game.

andrewsquall338d ago

MGS was amazing for its time. Having the opening credits play over the initial gameplay while you are waiting for the elevator to come back down was a cinematic touch.

Even a lot of intro/opening logos of the developers are lazy in today's games. Guerilla Games should have gone all out and done something amazing with their name at the start of Horizon. But all it has is their logo against a black screen in white. :(
Drake's Fortune had a cool ND logo with the jungle style music played over it. Then for Uncharted 2 it was an ice theme because of U2's setting. Then Drake's Deception should have been a fire and sand theme but it was just back to a standard ND logo again.

Just this week I was looking at the AWESOME Psygnosis/Reflections opening from Destruction Derby 2 (not the intro viedo that follows it, just the logo part at the start. Its glorious because it tricks you into thinking its just the logo against a black background but then its actually a CG cutscene with the Psygnosis eagle in the centre of a car wheel, it zooms in and when it zooms out its the Reflections name :)

As much as I hate EA this gen or since they killed things like Burnout and Dead Space last gen, that opening logo for Mirror's Edge is so stylish and fits the game and its bright colours. DICE can do style. who knew it (again not the video just the logo at the start)?

ameliabaz338d ago

I love opening credits because they et you amped up for the game you're about to play without throwing you straight into the action.

I feel that way about movies too. I miss opening credits in movies because they often hyped you up for what was about to happen

KwietStorm338d ago

How about God of War III and Heavy Rain


GOW3 takes the crown for best opening credits IMO.

KwietStorm337d ago

Definitely one of the most masterful openings I've ever seen. One of my other favorites of all time is Resident Evil Outbreak. The artistic approach in that one is rarely seen.

Goldby337d ago

I really enjoyed Hellblades interactive opening cinematic, not just because I had control but it set the perfect pace and rhythm for what was about to turn into a hell of an adventure.