20 Years Later, The N64 Is Getting A New ‘Usable’ controller

The N64 has one of the most iconic controllers in videogame history but 20 years later a group of gamers think it deserves an upgrade.

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Relientk77344d ago

Cool, this one actually looks good, and doesn't look like it's made by aliens

PlayStation_5344d ago

It was either "made by aliens" with 3 hands, or else Nintendo just wanted us to control the joystick with our penis... : P'

PhoenixUp344d ago

One wonders if Nintendo would actually rerelease the N64's controversial controller with a hypothetical N64 mini

-GreenRanger344d ago

This looks really amazing, exactly like the official N64 controller should've looked like. Let's hope the materials won't crumble after 3 hours of gaming.

Nintendew344d ago

64 controllers were my 2nd fav controller.
Only had 1 problem with them, between Mario Party, Karts and WCW vs NWO destroyed the joysticks.
007 destroyed my weekends.

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