Revisiting: Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Join Screen Critics as we take a look back at one of the most beloved games of all time - Final Fantasy VII.

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shaun mcwayne192d ago

For me VII is were it all began, it was my first FF, FFIX is amazing but VII taught me the mechanics and showed me the value of turn based combat. I also loved FFX, blitz ball was ace.

NapalmSanctuary191d ago

FFX was my first FF. Also my favorite until I played FFIX.

PhoenixUp192d ago

FFX-2 was my first game and it showed me all the job classes the series previously had as well as having the best incarnation of the ATB system.

NapalmSanctuary191d ago

X-2 really did have the best ATB system to date. Its my favorite FF combat system, period. Too bad it was wrapped in such a mediocre game. I should give it a run through since its been so long since I played FFX. Last time I tried was right after a playthrough of X, and I wasn't digging the geographical retread.

Segata191d ago

Honestly feel VI and IX are the best in the series.

NapalmSanctuary191d ago

I made it to the floating continent on VI and kept getting my ass handed to me. This was back in 2012, before playing FFVII for the first time and I got too impatient to deal with it so I quit and went straight to VII. I should really give VI another shot.

kevnb191d ago

So sad they are going to shit all over with an episodic remake with crappy final fantasy xv like combat.