COD: WWII Devs: We Hope It Can Be Gaming's Saving Private Ryan; We're Squeezing Every Ounce of Power

The folks at Sledgehammer Games hope that Call of Duty: WWII can be gaming's Saving Private Ryan. They said they're squeezing every ounce of power.

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KaiPow371d ago

Just thinking about the Xbox One X's particle effects for opening lootboxes is making me drool.

Alexious371d ago

I hope they're at least going to have HDR support. Otherwise BF2 will wipe the floor with WWII

freshslicepizza371d ago

If they are squeezing every ounce of power then every console would be pushed to its limits and the PC, plus we would see dedicated servers.

fatbastard11371d ago

EA promised HDR in Battlefield 1 as well so I wouldn't hold my breath for HDR in Battlefront 2

Bruh370d ago


BF1 does have an HDR pipeline, in fact all titles on the current Frostbite engine build support it. Its more of why DICE has refused to enable it to display to TV's my guess is something to do with FPS on consoles and a lack of optimizations on that end

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Bigpappy371d ago

Yep. All he talks about is more power. Let Activision worry about sales. Use that power where it is available.

nX371d ago

wow that must be gayest thing I've ever read, Xbox fanboys know no bounds

Bathyj371d ago

It might have been tongue in cheek.

Felching is the gayest thing I've ever heard.

nX371d ago

^Damn man that google search'll take some time to get erased from my memory.

Bathyj371d ago

Why would you Google that?

81BX370d ago

Oh oh. Google soggy buiscut!

LexHazard79370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

im sure thats what they say about you fanboys too. 😂

nX370d ago

educational purposes and curiosity, I guess... shouldn't have done it tho

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Eiyuuou371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

Just thinking makes me drool... I might wanna get that checked out.

Sam Fisher370d ago

Lmfao especially food 🥘

DarkKaine370d ago

Well done sir, you have trolled everyone that replied to your comment and took it seriously. Should have lowered my standards knowing I'm in a comments section about CoD.

MegamanXXX370d ago

The PC version is making me drool!!!!!!!

IceKoldKilla370d ago

Hahahaha!!!!! Best comment I've heard in a while! Oh and don't forget the particle system with the mud when the soldier have their "boots on the ground" running through it.

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nX371d ago

this degenerated youth

MagicBeanz371d ago

Thank the legalization of marijuana.

nX371d ago

^Bullshit. Education is the problem and you seem to have missed that as well.

Allsystemgamer370d ago


Prohibition of items make usage and criminality go up.

Plus marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol. Why aren't you complaining about that?

You on the magic beans?

XiNatsuDragnel370d ago

Oh sorry, the game looks pretty.

spicelicka370d ago

lol and this is why microtransactions are rampant folks, people care about rainbow skins more than enjoying the gameplay.

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B1uBurneR371d ago

In other words, X1X will have the "turned up" version on consoles.

Summons75371d ago

Oh, don't compare your trash to a classic. They weren't afraid to show Swastikas which you took out because you were afraid of backlash.

Allsystemgamer370d ago

Great contribution. Really insightful.

81BX370d ago

Thanks. Just letting you know where I stand. I enjoy games where I kill nazis


I co sign that statement 100%

ShadowWolf712370d ago

...they're still in the campaign you nimrod, they were taken out of MP modes so everyone could still play together since some countries banned its use in games.

Summons75370d ago

You do realize that makes zero sense and is a total BS excuse for censorship right? What are they doing about the campaign then censoring it in those countries or just not giving them the content? They can just censor them in those countries and stop bending to the easily triggered babies.

ShadowWolf712369d ago

Please tell me how you can censor a multiplayer mode in only those countries without restricting their ability to play with anyone outside those countries.

The campaign is isolated. It's not played with people around the world. Learn how games work before saying stupid things.

IceKoldKilla370d ago

Is Wolfenstein can do it then why can't they? I blame Activision again.

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