Microsoft Not Allowing Xbox One X Exclusive Is A Good Move, Says Aaero Dev

The Xbox One X is an extremely powerful system, and a far more accomplished piece of hardware than any other console currently on the market.

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PhoenixUp198d ago

Damn straight it's s good move

FITgamer198d ago

It would be pretty stupid on the devs part to make games exclusive to either the PS4 Pro or XB1X. Not just because it would alienate base model owners, but also because the sales would be terrible. Neither one of these consoles will have the install base to justify releasing exclusive games.

sk8ofmnd198d ago

Eventually sony and ms will have to alianate the base ps4 and xb1 consoles when the next gen arrives. I figured ms would have been the first to hit the reset button but i was mistaken. The 360 faired much better where the xb1 seems to be losing steam much faster.

LexHazard79197d ago

Exclusives could help build the install base for the upgraded consoles tho.

mcstorm197d ago

Microsoft have said all along they want the Xbox to be an upgrade console from now on so no new genes so to speak. What will be interesting is when the next Xbox is released in 3 ish years time will the Xbox One still be supported or will this drop off and the Xbox x is the new Xbox one. Interesting times in the gaming world for sure

FinalFantasyFanatic197d ago

Yep, can't really fault them for this move, especially when there's a big price difference and barrier to entry between vanilla Xbox and premium experience Xbox. Doing the opposite would have been the worst possible move for them.

rainslacker197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

It's probably one of those things that wouldn't have happened for a while anyways. Outside of some indie dev, or some really high end game, no publisher is going to ignore the larger install bases. If the mid-gens gain a sizable portion of the market in the future, then maybe exclusives would be more viable, but more likely, a new gen will be here by then. A dev may very well want to make something exclusive, but they have to make a profit, and publishers will insist on it.

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crazyCoconuts198d ago

Extremely powerful and far more accomplished. Get a room, gamingbolt

leeeroythe3rd198d ago

I will wager the model that iphone and ipad started will be the path for xbox. X1x will become base when x2x is made in 4 years as price drops

ASBO-5198d ago

In other words
"Microsoft Not Allowing An Actual Good Reason To Own An Xbox One X Is A Good Move, Says Aaero Dev"

narsaku197d ago

That's so ignorant it's scary.

*scratches head* You're wrong, btw.

Exclusives. Are. Bad. For. Every. Single. Consumer.

Thank god some people are smart enough to see that. Cudos to M$ for dropping the ridiculous/manipulative child scam that is the kids toy walled garden.

Thank. Me.

Goldby197d ago

SO are you saying you would be one f the first to congratulate MS if they released Halo 6 or Forza on either Nintendo, Sony or Steam?

If there are no exclusives for a console the only reason people would consider buying it is because of a power gap for maybe 2 years.

That isn't enough for most people. I bought PS4 be a use of the exclusive library that Sony offers. Yea I happen to play 3rd party multi platforms. But if I had an Xbox I couldn't play Hellblade, Paragon, worlds of final fantasy, I wouldn't have VR and I wouldn't have been able to play awesome games like journey in 60fps or Last of Us remastered.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_08197d ago

Sorry, but. that's. stupid. So. no. thanks. from. me! and Exclusives. Are. Not. Bad. For. The. Consumer. Unlike. People. Like. You. That. Says. They. Are. Which you are only the minority group think so. Majority don't give 2 ***** about you thinking that exclusives are bad!

rainslacker197d ago

Exclusives aren't always bad, but it's highly situational to the game and user base of the consoles.

In this case, while it probably wouldn't be bad for the game itself if it was exclusive to the X1X(or PS4P if we want to include it), chances are, the sales of the game may not overcome the cost incurred to make it. When the devs start making games exclusively that would require that much more power, there is more cost involved due to the detail that typically gets put into them. Assuming we're talking AAA games of which case, exclusives aren't that common anyways outside some cases.

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