Conan Exiles Gets First Xbox One Gameplay Video Showing Console Graphics

Today Funcom showcased the very first gameplay video of the Xbox One version of Conan Exiles.

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Bigpappy198d ago

Wow! cant believe how good this looks on the X1. Runs smooth too.

Zabatsu197d ago

I don't get what you're seeing though. Pretty mediocre graphics in my opinion, no matter whay unit it was published on. Will this be released for PC too?

Zabatsu197d ago

OMGitsThatGuy, not so cool guy from the N4GGeR club.

zerocarnage197d ago

It already is a pc game already released

zerocarnage197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

I don't get what your on about, if graphics is your problem you seriously have you wires crossed about what makes a game good.

Graphics is good on Conan, just as good as an elder scrolls game in my eyes.

Also the person who disagreed with me when I said it's already released you just made yourself look stupid, Google it, it's also on steam.

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jaycptza197d ago

didn't watch the whole video did you?

- It looks fine
- There was tonnes of pop-in
- There was moments when the framerates was crawling

zerocarnage197d ago

Didn't notice pop-in
Didn't notice frame rate creams but they did say in the video that Conan is 900p and 30 fps is what they were aiming at and that there could be drops, so it wouldn't surprise me if any of what you mentioned did happen, I just didn't notice it.

The devs in my opinion are being honest at least which is a good sign for me.

Sam Fisher197d ago

Is that all to the combat?

197d ago
obidanshinobi197d ago

Looks alright actually, better than I thought it would.
Will download on the 16th and play the free 1 hour trial on the GPP.

VideoGameLab197d ago

Runs freaking better than the version on my pc lel

zerocarnage197d ago

Yeah I've seen some YouTube vids and internet vids of pc version running it bad too.

That's why I enjoy console optimization is important.

VideoGameLab197d ago

especially on 30-50 man servers its a mess

_LarZen_197d ago

Looks nice. Hopefully it will take full advantage of the X.

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The story is too old to be commented.