First look at Microsoft's gorgeous new Xbox avatars (exclusive)

Here's an early look at the next version of the Xbox Avatar Editor, coming soon to Xbox One and Windows 10 as part of the Fall Creators Update.

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timotim7d ago

Not at all. For starters, this isn't made by any of MS's official first party game studios so its not interfering with development for any games being worked on currently. And secondly, Microsoft can use these personalized avatars in future games that will be developed by first party/3rd party studios. These new avatars are being constructed with higher fidelity animation and skeletons. These new avatars can fit in a lot of games from racers to action to sports etc a lot better than the current ones.

Kun_ADR7d ago

You stated the fact and you still get downvoted. SMH N4G.

I wonder how much praise Sony would get from these fanboy if this was on PS4.

CapitalGamerNZ7d ago

Looking at his comment history saying anything positive is difficult for him.

DARK_WOLF7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Yeah a racer like mario kart but can use your avatar if you want.

Its a cool feature. I mean how long do we all spend creating new characters in games. Then getting armor ect and customizing them.

How is this any different? The selfie generation especially would love this surely.

I think its great.

Honestly some people just seem to complain and be negative to anything and everything MS.

Its just SAD! 😅

OmnislashVer367d ago

It's dumb, nobody cares about this crap. 1st party AAA games now, I can play those.

If this is just for your dash and some sidegames, who the hell cares.

bluefox7557d ago

@Kum_ADR it would still be stupid if it were on PS4.

bolimekurac7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

we had avatars for many years and they havent done jack shit with them so to hope on future uses for avatars is not giving me any hope but i love them as they are cool to have, its a unique way of identifying yourself and creating a personality but there is no use for them other then that at the moment

where is the movie theatre so i can sit with my avatar and friends avatars, where are the 1 in 100 type of games to use my avatar, where are the virtual homes for us to use our avatars, there is none of that , so making them (avatars) all pretty isnt going to change that.

Kun_ADR7d ago (Edited 7d ago )


I seem to remember the joy and happiness this site get when PS Home and avatar was announced.

B1uBurneR7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Link please? Nowhere in this article states we can use them in game in any form.

Rainbow 6 Vegas (1) haD the right idea scan your face place it on your character for multiplayer gaming.

Kinect Sports adventure took it to the next step by scanning your entire body and placed you in the game.

If this New Avatar does nothing to that affect then it's a waste of resources.

Godmars2907d ago

Thing is MS is currently known for making grand gestures that show much potential that fail to develop into anything. Like Kinect or Cloud gaming. Neither for all the talk and promotion around them either have yet to develop into anything truly significant or have been scaled back into obscurity. Though in this case there is a saving grace in that its low key. They may be talking about using avatars as element in games but they aren't making any large promotions that could take years to materialize.

Then again this then begs on the issue of MS not making games. Of how they only seem concerned with online community titles to bring in sub and microtransactions.

How much was Sony praised for Home? Pretty sure everyone panned that.

Kun_ADR7d ago (Edited 7d ago )


Look at the comments in this article:

The praise for PS Home was off the hook and anyone dare to say bad got downvoted as always.

Xbox new avatar is free and cost no one a dime, yet people here hate it as usual. I'm not an Xbox fanboy (heck I don't even own one, as long as I can game on my PC I don't need an Xbox), but the hypocrisy on this site is just too much.

moldybread7d ago

How many man hours are wasted in photo mode for a popular franchise? You do realize Microsoft has various teams working on various parts of the Xbox team. People pay for Xbox Live so why wouldn't they use some of those resources towards stuff like this?

ChronoJoe7d ago

To be fair though, they were always designed to be placed into games, but we never really saw them used. Even if they originally feature a rig that allowed them to be animated that well, it didn't prevent devs including them, and it's not all that difficult to create a new rig if they want to do something more complicated.

In reality, I really doubt we'll see come to much use outside of the dashboard.

rainslacker7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I see a lot of people criticizing MS on their game offerings.

MS provides a feature that could possibly be used for games, but with no actual real world implementation for that potential to be realized.

MS fan: "MS is innovative, they've improved what they already had before and it could be used in compelling ways".....disregarding past implementation of the same feature which didn't look as nice.

Everyone else: "where are the games?"

It's not so much that this was probably a huge expenditure, but despite the fact that it wasn't made by their 1st party, it's still a use of resources. Wasted? That would depend on what MS intends to do with them, and the subjective notion of if that implantation is worthwhile. But if MS is spending money on this, then they aren't spending it on games, and given some people's criticism, and MS lack of compelling avatar usage in the past, I can see why people would consider it wasted.


PSHome was a fully realized social program for PlayStation 3. It wasn't just avatars. There was some talk about how those avatars could be used in other places, but it never happened.

A feature means nothing without some way to use it. As of right now, the only way to use it is to make an avatar to express yourself. Hardly the same level as what PSHome offered.

Was PSHome great? Not to me. It was kind of cool at best. But it's much more than what MS is offering here which is nothing more than an enhancement to an already existing thing they've had for years, which really never went anywhere beyond seeing what the bottom of one's avatar's shoe looks like.

Thats' the difference. Bringing up something from 10+ years ago which was fairly new for consoles, compared to an improvement on an existing feature, and you're trying to act like there is some hypocrisy involved on people's excitement levels when MS has already shown the extent to which Avatars would be used?

Yeah, that seems like it's a comparable thing.

Sorry, but if I went and looked up the excitement for the original avatars, wouldn't it be just as stupid as you're implying PSHome was? Wouldn't we see people saying how great it could be to add your avatar into all these games, yet after all this time, having very few games which actually did?

Godmars2907d ago

As many positive as negative. Also, from as far as I can tell, that was about Home post closure. After it was released and developed as its own platform with Sony unwilling to carry it to the PS4. Despite that it had substance and was a proven if mediocre product.

Now we've got Xbox Avatars, the 2nd attempt at such btw, and as usual the Xbox camp has set to praising something from MS based solely on potential with any condemnation seen as typical Sony fanboy sour grapes. Again, nevermind that no actual results exist to be honestly judged.

We've been through this with Kinect, and are still going through it with cloud support as Crackdown seems to be suffering downgrades and little to no mention of a feature announced around the Xb1's launch as we wait for the XbX's release.

Again, if it seems that Sony fanboys attack MS, its because they've repeatedly failed to deliver on promises, talk up "potential" rather than show results, as their fan camp defend and praise them on things yet to be delivered.

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psuedo7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

It is a waste of resources when that money that they payed the company to do this could go to something better. Avatar games suck from my experience.

DARK_WOLF7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Motorcross madness was great

gamer78047d ago

yah 1 vs 100 and full house poker were a terrrible games, LOL right. nothing like criticizing an added feature for no reason other than its on xbox

yellowgerbil6d ago

exactly. like buying minecraft. with the billions spent on that game you could of made a minecraft clone and 20 other AAA exclusives. but Microsoft don't care about giving their fans games, instead you can settle for a barbie doll you can cloth

bolimekurac7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

yeah the new avatars are all nice and yeah maybe they might be used in a game down the line but i have to agree with b1uburner on this one, a total waste of resources, we have had avatars for many years now and what use have they been put to, ..... none. it is nice to have, a nice way to customize your name to a character, im not downplaying it and its a cool thing to have but they give no reason as to having one, now if this was on ps4 and sony still had playstation HOME ( the virual world )then this would make sense but right now its just a character that no one really cares about . i would rather they spent all that time to make a better dash, put everyone on that and fix that first

we used to have a theatre room so our avatars could chill together, there was talk of virtual homes so our avatars could chill together, there used to be 1 in 100 where are avatars played together, all that is gone, so making avatars more pretty is pointless until they give a use for them

RommyReigns7d ago


nikrel7d ago

My 8 year old son said " what is the point of that. It isn't even needed. "

kstuffs6d ago

How's changing your psn username coming along with the increase monthly payment?

B1uBurneR6d ago

@Kstuff, wait... what does that have to do with anything? They would have a better chance of using that resource to make Cortana better, or else do away with her(IT) completely.

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2pacalypsenow9d ago

Do people even use these?? I haven't updated mine since 2011.

Sonic_Vs_Mario9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Obviously they do use Avatars. On YouTube there's over 1.5 million views and over 40 thousand likes

2pacalypsenow9d ago

I watched that video and I don't use them..

OMGitzThatGuy7d ago

^You are not "people", you are a person. He is not trying to prove that you didn't watch the video or that you do or do not use avatars he is simply answering your question of "Do people even use these??". And by the likes on the video people do or plan to use them.

nix7d ago

Last time I ever bothered to change my avatar was last gen. I don't even care what it looks like anymore.

Going by views/likes ratio, looks like majority aren't that interested. Many "view" it out of curiosity too, u know.

Eonjay7d ago

Which would be really cool if it was a game.

"OMG! I can't wait to get home and boot up my Xbox to look at my avatars! Its exclusive!"

They are fine but they don't get to skip on content for 11 months because they made an avatar wink at you.

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LexHazard798d ago (Edited 8d ago )

If you look on your friends list youll see alot of people still have them. I use mine as my gamerpic so id say yes.
I cant wait for the new ones, MS needs to make some games where your avatars could be used. Some crazy party game!

timotim7d ago

The answer is a big fat YES! One look through my groups on X1 and you can easily see many people still invest in there avatars. Lots of people use them.