No Man’s Sky Is Currently One Of The Most Played Games On Steam Thanks To The Atlas Update

ThisGenGaming says "No Man's Sky is currently one of the most games played for today after being way below the top 100 for months. It looks like this could be the most players on the game since last year."

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Rimeskeem491d ago

I was disappointed with the game to say the least at its launch. But I can see that Hello Games has really upped their game and is committed to maintaining this game. I respect them for that.

fenome491d ago

Yeah, it's good to see them stick with it and support it and not tuck tail and run after all the backlash.

Senboza491d ago

Of course they are gonna mend their mistakes. If they wan't to stay in the game development bussiness and Sean Murray doesn't want to get shunned for life, they have no other option. They are just saving their own asses, they don't do you a favor or anything. These NMS fans are very gullible.

fenome490d ago


I still haven't bought it yet, I am considering it now after all the updates though. I was just waiting to see how everything panned out first.

-GreenRanger491d ago

Whatever they need to stay in business. It doesn't change the fact they released an unfinished product, a whole year too early.

Sam Fisher491d ago

Ok but the point is they are trying to fix it. If someone makes a mistake, and see they are trying to fix the situation, do you keep your grude?

-GreenRanger491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

Yeah. Bad names are very hard to erase. Hello Games launched an unfinished product, which made a lot of buyers upset. Many people will always remember what they have gotten into and will not give them second chances. Fool me once, ____________; fool me twice, ___________. Fill in the blanks. (Hint: the second blank is slightly shorter)

blaziliuz12491d ago

So what? You want them to just say screw this game and everyone who played it by just ignoring the problems this game had? They are trying to make amends and improve the game for the better.

They ignore the game, they get criticised. They try to fix the game, still gets criticised. Damn give them a break dude

rainslacker490d ago


Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I said a while back this is why Murray wasn't saying anything when people were criticizing him for not saying anything. nothing he could have said would curb the vitriol, so why even try?

Same here. unless he has something to say about the game, and what he's doing to fix it with something to show, it's best to just stay silent. Even now, people can't discuss the game without the hate being brought back up.

A nice update here, yet there's a lot about how he lied before release. In the other article, the author had to disparage against Murray after giving the actual news about Murrays comments on reddit. It's something that will always haunt them, in particular Murray himself.

What more can the man do? Some people just won't forgive or give people the chance to remedy a problem.

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bluefox755491d ago

Agreed. It would have been easy to cut and run after the backlash. Kudos to them for sticking it out and working to make things right.

subtenko491d ago

Were you disappointed with any other software that you purchases that gives constant updates too? Or did you just join the hate bandwagon?

-GreenRanger491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

The Witcher 3? Dying Light? Could've sworn those two games gave free content and those were top notch games (well, especially TW3). Yeah, many gamers across the world, myself included, hopped on the hate bandwagon for a reason. Not many found the idea of a massive universe that has only one planet that came in 18 Quintilian different shades very interesting. But since Hello Games are getting this game in order, hopefully it will actually be an enjoyable game. Still, we don't want an industry that can release games incomplete and then cash in on the hype, then apply school glue and embellishments after the sheer amount of negative reception.

IceKoldKilla490d ago

But it's like Driveclub. A bit too late imo. Sure, it'll have its core following and playerbase but it could've done way better if released with at least some of the changes made so far.

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Summons75491d ago

For a week or so, enough to get recordings of how bad it is still then it will drop off the face of the Earth again.

mixelon491d ago

It doesn’t have to be the most popular, it has a significant loyal player base who enjoy it.

isa_scout491d ago

True. I have played it regularly since launch. It just keeps getting better with every new update. And the Waking Titan ARG was awesome to. Why wouldn't players wanna support devs who acknowledge their faults, and work toward turning a good solid game into a unique one of a kind masterpiece? This game should be remembered for far more than just it's faults. In my opinion anyway.

Razzer491d ago

So you have played the game since the update?

Dark_Knightmare2491d ago

The update is getting nothing but praise though and people are loving it and saying it's like a totally different game so what you said makes no sense

Razzer491d ago

He is just talking shit as usual.

KwietStorm491d ago

It's almost disheartening to see how people get honest joy out of wanting others to do bad. It's mental really, especially when someone doesn't have any interest in the subject to begin with.

isa_scout491d ago

Dude have you even played the game. The update is almost as big as the initial game was at launch. It's essentially a relaunch. I have, I would guess at least 200 hours in the base game. I can see myself easily playing 200 more especially with real synchronous co op on the way. I understand people have differing tastes but why this game gets so much hate thrown at it I'll never know. Devs like Gearbox will be completely forgiven for Aliens Colonial Marines when Borderlands 3 is announced, but a small indie team can't catch a break for sticking by their product and making it better? Come on man.

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mixelon491d ago

And deservedly so!

It’s funny how so much of this stuff was clearly in some stage of development when Sean was talking about it pre-launch.. the giant crashed ships, low altitude flight etc happen in the trailers and early screenshots. This sort of half MP thing is exactly what it sounded like he was hinting at earlier too, but it was probably a horrible buggy mess and in early concept stages at launch. I wonder if they were advised to ride the hype and release as soon as possible? Who knows.

I’m happy I got to play it when I did, even though they clearly rushed and had to cut a lot of corners, which hit their reputation hard. I really hope people give them the credit for sticking at it, though. It may be a game for the ages rather than a flash in the pan curiosity.

At least it’s been playable in a final game-ish form for a year which is more than I can say for Star Citizen, for example. XD

Allsystemgamer491d ago

Star citizen is still in development. What a terrible comparison.

Plus what HAS been released for star citizen is infinitely more impressive than anything in this game. Actual physics, exploratory stations, small demos for those who backed.

Atleast the star citizen team didn't release an unfinished, buggy, poor performing product while asking for $60 because they're doing the right thing and releasing it when it's done.

But you're clearly a delusional fanboy. Defending a product that was released in a pre alpha state that played worse than $20 games.

attilayavuzer491d ago

Star Citizen also has a budget of over 150 million so far. NMS was maybe 4 or 5 sans marketing?

subtenko491d ago

Thats funny, No Mans Sky is ALSO still in development..... You can play both now and both are getting updates, im not buying SC though because I dont know if the company will stay afloat. Sony has Hello Games back and they talk to each other.

PlayStation and PC have their version of minecraft now with NMS. updates updates and more updates!

mixelon491d ago

Nah, I enjoyed it since launch.. Somehow that makes me a deluded fanboy? That sort of hyperbole is what makes our community look Bad. It’s improved a lot since then, it WAS a mess to begin with - but an interesting mess.

NMS is ambitious but got to market pretty fast. It’s not even remotely attempting to be the same sort of game as SC so don’t get your knickers in a twist, ALL I was saying is at least it made it to market at all, haha. I’d rather be playing something that gets regular big updates and stumbles a bit on launch than waiting indefinitely.

I do have faith SC will come out one day though but it’s not going to be similar so where does that even factor into anything? I’m sure I’ll love SC too! It’s not either/or.

Why so defensive? NMS has always been pretty unique, I can’t imagine how it could be considered to play worse than $20 games when there are no $20 games that tick the same boxes.

TC731491d ago

Restricting the release to PC with an "Early Access" label until it was finished would've saved them so much backlash.

subtenko491d ago

Ooooor people not being ignorant would have helped.... Clearly if you read up on things you would see how this game was built to be updated just like minecraft. I'll only give the 'worrying' excuse when they went silent to fix things but clearly they didnt wanna speak so soon (action first, words second)

For such a small team dang.....they are off to an awesome start as this is update #4 or 5

mixelon491d ago

Agreed, early access on PS4 would be good too, and I suspect as that wasn’t necessarily possible at the time it forced their hand. I feel like a lot of their support came from console users and Sony promotion and that would’ve been a good early candidate for console early access.

Hindsight is 20/20 etc. I expect Hello asked for it, tbh.

I guess another consideration is clones. That reveal trailer came too soon, if they’d kept it secret they wouldn’t have had to worry about someone else doing the same thing first.

rainslacker490d ago

My guess would be that they were running out of money so had to get the game released. It's more common than trying to get a game out by an announced release date.

LegoIsAwesome491d ago

Is it worth it now? I wanna hop on planets hahahaha.

Vegamyster491d ago

Happy to see they didn't abandon the game and run after the underwhelming launch, i may pick it up since it's on sale.

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