Why Is Sound So Underappreciated in Games?

Push Square: "It’s always about the graphics, isn’t it? Video games are, by their very nature, a visual medium – and we tend to judge technical progress by the number of polygons or pixels being displayed on screen. We analyse in deep detail the lighting, the resolution – heck, the rise of Digital Foundry means that even a release's framerate has become a popular point of conversation. But what we see on screen is only half of the illusion – it would count for little without sound. So why it so often overlooked?"

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BenRC01218d ago

Been playing need for speed recently, the sound is incredible

2pacalypsenow218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Cuz most gamers play with headphones, tv speakers or a soundbar, most don't have the quality sound equipment to appreciate good sound engineering.

Also visuals are easier to distinguish than sound.

fenome218d ago

There are some damn good headphones out there though.

InKnight7s217d ago

How can someone appreciate things like GT5,6 sounds? Ask anyone will says about FFXIII alot of things but all will praise it sound. When its there it will be noticed. But not expect anything with sounds will be praised.

Bathyj217d ago

Like it or not, we judge with our eyes first before our ears. Light travels faster than sound. It's like when you meet a really hot girl and you like her, then she talks.

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