Why Streamers Will Love the PS4 Pro

The next PlayStation 4 update puts streaming front and center. Does this mean Sony knows how important sharing is to gamers?

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melikepopcorn337d ago

The website is full of shitty ads and the PS Pro was released on November 10, 2016.

NewMonday337d ago

Sony should disable developer control of the sharing feature, it's useless and annoying, streamers just use 3rd party hardware and post everything on YouTube anyways.

Genuine-User337d ago

Yeah I'm not a fan of intrusive ads. That said, isn't the article based on the recently announced 1080p 60fps patch for PS4's Twitch streaming community?

Why on earth would Sony do that. A lot of people use this feature.

one2thr337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

I think you guys are misunderstanding Newmondays point, some games wont allow the PS4 system itself, to stream certain parts/aspects of a game, which is at the complete discretion of the developer.

For example; some games you cannot use Share Play with, or even stream cutscenes, or small gameplay segments.

DragonKnight337d ago

NewMonday is correct. I first noticed this problem way back when Child of Light came out and Ubisoft allowed you to share video but not audio. The result was watching a clip without sound.

But the most egregious example I personally have seen thus far has been Persona 5. Atlus has blocked all capture potential for Persona 5 on the PS4. You don't even get to have pics when you earn a trophy. It's pathetic.

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Notellin337d ago

It's because the new system update
(5.0) is allowing streamers to stream in 1080p/60fps from the PS4 Pro.

I'm not clicking this click bait articles though because of the stupid thumbnail and I hate their ads anyways.

bloop337d ago

Is that what it is?? I thought it was because tits.

3-4-5337d ago

Dispatches is the worst clickbait site ever

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harambe_come_back338d ago

Is this the past? What year is it???

Notellin337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

No this is relevant although the title doesn't explain why. When update 5.0 drops for PS4, it will allow the Pro to stream in 1080p/60fps something that isn't available on regular PS4 or any other console at the moment.

The thumbnail though is ridiculous and pointless. The article is also pretty terrible. It's basically click bait so all you need to know is the PS4 Pro will have higher bit rate streaming which is always good.

indysurfn337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Ahhhhhh Finally someone else that read the article. And read it slow enough to understand it. Good explanation. Most people think all of their streams are already 1080p60fps which is incorrect.

MagicBeanz337d ago

Its 2017 and had you read the article you'd understand this is about the upcoming firmware update that will allow better resolution and fps streaming on Pro.

indysurfn337d ago

Ahhhhhh Even antoerh one that Actually read the article. And read it slow enough to understand it. Good explanation. Most people think all of their streams are already 1080p60fps which is incorrect.

DragonKnight337d ago

"Its 2017"

Two things. First...



harambe_come_back336d ago

Maybe if the article publishers put that in the title and added a more appropriate photo instead of boobs I would give it a try. When I see boobs on the thumbnail I know that the article has nothing to offer.

MagicBeanz336d ago


The "article publisher" isn't obligated to put your personal request for information in the title, you want to know more read more. Your choosing not to read the article and making a misinformed comment is your fault not the fault of the picture because you have some issue with boobs.

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LIGATURE337d ago

Eww boobs are just squishy😂

81BX337d ago

Boobs... mother nature's pillows

indysurfn336d ago

Anyone offended is female (which is good), or Gay, if you are please don't put down straight guys for liking boobs! If your straight think Boobs is perverted you have a sexual problem. Go to the doctor you need help, he will help you after he/she slaps you. Seriously it is not normal.

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shaun mcwayne337d ago

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indysurfn337d ago

Her face is awesome too.

MagicBeanz337d ago

So streamers shouldn't be happy to stream in better quality because you dont like cheatcc?

SojournUK337d ago

The boobs pulled me in. I could watch her play all day.

Genuine-User337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Does your family know that you're a pervert?

l3w1s337d ago

Liking boobs is considered pervy? He doesn't spy on her in her bathroom or in her changing room.

81BX337d ago

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Genuine-User337d ago


Watching someone all day because of their boobs is not pervy?

Unless you're a simple minded adolescent, this is common knowledge.

KwietStorm337d ago

You have unlocked a trophy
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MagicBeanz337d ago

Looks like someone upset a precious snowflake.

Genuine-User337d ago

Not bad, I'll take it. lol

How would I know what you are?

Judging by how easy it is to trigger a far right/nazi on this site, I wonder if they're the actual snowflakes. Are you one of them?

Goldeneye007337d ago

Does yours know that you're a snowflake?

DragonKnight337d ago

@Genuine-User: Does your family know that you're fragile and insecure?

@81BX: Why? Appreciating beauty is bad?

@KwietStorm: LMFAO!! You win 1 internets.

@Genuine-User 2: Ah the standard "if they don't agree with me, they're far right/Nazi" schtick. Congrats on diluting terms and parroting cult chants.

aaronaton336d ago

Does your dad know that you are a 'friend of Dorothy's' ?

Genuine-User336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Fragile and insecure? I think you might have revealed your own issues to us.

Yes I'll judge you for what you type. If you come across like a far right nazi, then who's to say that you're not one.

As for cult chanting and diluting terms, no one does that better than the far right.

No. But if I was, he would.

DragonKnight336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

@Genuine-User: You're the one that's projecting. Your immediate response to a comment that should have nothing to do with you in any way is to go on the offensive and insult someone. This sets up the idea that you either are jealous (fragile and insecure), or just someone that likes to pick a fight. Pick one.

You can judge people all you want by what they write, but that's not what you did. You labeled someone who said something you didn't like as basically a Nazi. Not only does this make you a massive idiot, it also is an insult to people who actually had to deal with real Nazis. Calling you a snowflake, which you are as evidenced by your extreme butt hurt at someone enjoying a woman's looks (which said woman actually works hard for), is not even in the same universe as being "far right" or Nazi. This is why you contribute to the dilution of terms and render them meaningless.

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Genuine-User336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

So I am projecting by calling someone a pervert for their perverted comment in an open space? It has everything to do with me and how I interact on the net. And I'm not picking from one of your arbitrary points based on poor reasoning.

Call me a snowflake, I'll call you white supremacist nazi. If you're going to talk like an idiot, don't expect a reasonable response. Did I trigger you by insulting nazi's and the far right?
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"Now, go find the nearest fainting couch before the disagreement overwhelms you."

The f**king irony. Lmao

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subtenko337d ago

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