Sega Teases "Tons" of Sonic Forces News Coming After the Release of Sonic Mania

Sega has been placing more emphasis on Sonic Mania due to the approaching release, but it hasn't forgotten about Sonic Forces.

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PhoenixUp338d ago

Seems like a smart idea. They wouldn't want to start heavy marketing for Sonic Forces beforehand so as to not take attention away from Sonic Mania(if such a thing were even possible but it makes business sense)

DualWielding337d ago

all this game needed to be was genereations 2 with more content but they screwed even that

SegaGamer337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

What are you talking about ? it basically IS Sonic Generations 2 with more content. You have the same gameplay as Generations with classic and modern Sonic and the extra content with a third playable character that you can create. I have no idea how you have come to the conclusion that they have screwed things up.

DivineAssault 337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

I think he means in title.. Like why name it forces instead of generations 2? Im sure it has to do with the story as well as Sega being confused on how to approach sonic fans.. There were so many different games they dont know what to do anymore.. Torn between 3D & 2D.. Thankfully Christian Whitehead created mania & maybe the sales will boost and we can get sequels in 2D with all new sprites... Fingers crossed for that!

andrewsquall337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

@DualWielding Lol yeah I want a "Generations 2" where my classic Sonic is too small for the levels he is on where he looks stupidly smaller when he runs up to enemies and diagonal springs because they were clearly designed first after the franchise destroying modern Sonic first.
Also that Master System/Gameboy Advance sound effect of him jumping was music to my ears especially in levels that were clearly based on Sonic 16bit Mega Drive games. More of that please.
And please, more utter garbage modern Sonic levels. Don't forget to put MORE levels from even Sonic 06 into "Generations 2" because I'm sure people would just miss them too much. end of sarcasm

LOOK at the state of it, he is even too small for the tunnels that he goes through Why does he roll into a ball when he goes through them when he can clearly fit through it running. Oh wait, nostalgia, to trick everybody who never noticed how terrible it looks. But I bet you see it now lol.
Look how high the ledges are that he has to jump up before he passes the first Crabmeat badnik. They should have called it Honey I Shrunk the Sonic Generations.

I seriously hope it fails badly like all 3D Sonic games. More games like Mania please.

FallenAngel1984337d ago

And thus we have here ladies and gentlemen is an unpleasable fan

Atomicjuicer337d ago

Ill be getting both for switch but forces looks dissapointing after the excellence of Generations.

Hey SEGA! Republish Generations for PS4, X1, etc.

-Foxtrot337d ago

After Sonic Mania and this I hope they do a full game using classic Sonic in a game like this.

Seeing the animated opening for Sonic Mania I think its time they ditch modern Sonics design

andrewsquall337d ago

No thanks. Just cancel it lol.