Sonic Mania Review Embargo Revealed; Here’s When Reviews Are Coming

ThisGenGaming says "Here's when you can expect to see reviews for Sonic Mania going up with exact times for each region."

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Relientk77221d ago

I'm hoping for good reviews. The Sonic game we've been waiting for

MaximusPrime_221d ago

I forgotten to preorder it, so I did today. I didn't even know it's 4 days away! After viewing a number of gameplays, this is the Sonic we've been waiting for.

Relientk77221d ago

If it makes you feel better, I found out today too lol

And the gameplay does look really good

3-4-5221d ago

Been waiting for this game since the mid 90's....looks good hoping for good reviews...either way I'm buying it eventually

bloodbond221d ago

you should hope for the game to be good, not the reviews

xX1NORM1Xx221d ago

had the collectors edition preordered since they announced it im really hoping its good if not i get a sweet sonic/megadrive statue at least

castdreams221d ago

At this point, the only way I could imagine not buying this game is some kind of Spore-esque drm fiasco. I think it'll probably be well received, but I'd pretty much buy it on principle alone even if it gets terrible scores.

hiawa23221d ago

I preordered site unseen. This has to be good. It is only $20 so no big deal

hanko14221d ago

well gotta wait till the 29th

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