Crackdown 3: World, story, and villain details

Jon Goff, writer for Crackdown 3, talks about the world and story of the game. He also explains some of the challenges particular to writing for a video game.

Prior to working on Crackdown 3, Goff was a writer and artist who worked on properties including Destiny, Halo, and Spawn.

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Septic341d ago

Its disappointing how little they have strayed away from the first game. Whilst the premise of the first game was great, Crackdown 3 could have really taken it up a notch in other areas. Make the villains really distinctive. Have a more meaningful narrative.

Visually its REALLY bland. Crackdown was never really about the visuals but still; this is a bigger exclusive and it really doesn;t attract you to the game. The explosions look shit/ The art style was unique but this just looks boring.

Guesses on metacritic scores, if you care about that kinda thing; I would say mid 70's. Unless the gameplay really is something special or the MP pulls off something (other than the tech).

Golden_Mud341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

I'm a bit sceptical about the cloud multiplayer thingy they promised in 2015. It seems they are hiding the multiolayer for a reason somehow.

Sam Fisher340d ago

Hiding things is never a good thing look at me:a for a great example

narsaku340d ago

Oh yea, it's okay to praise No Mans Sky atrocious visuals here, or Persona 5's or The Last Guardians ps3 graphics but the moment a M$ game comes out and is a immensely huge open world sandbox game with an industry evolution of multiplayer destruction of the likes we haven't even seen on PC before and NOW it's not okay.

..You know, not every stylized game needs to have a kid take a 255 hue paint brush to every corner of it in order for it to look good.

..Wait till it comes out, right?.. Then if it sucks give it the criticism it deserves, if it deserves it.

iDadio339d ago

Ironically Septic is quite the Xbox fan so your comment taking the Sony tone is misdirected. Calm your salt down.

Trez1234339d ago

The last guardian is one beautiful game and far from ps3 graphics. Go to GT sports articles and see how Xbox fans were calling the graphics crap and Gears 4 beta was said to have 360 graphics by PS fans. It goes both ways and you really don't need to cry wolf.

Some of us actually played both previous crackdown games and so far the new one looks worryingly too similar to the first one. Mind you, I'll still play it because I have good memories playing the first one back in the day.

FITgamer340d ago

I've been saying 75 tops on Metacritic. Though I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was in the high 60's.
Agents of Mayhem looks like much more fun in my opinion.

339d ago
FinalFantasyFanatic339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Going by the trailers, I really can't praise Crackdown 3 for anything, I think Septic is right when it describes it as bland (especially that cell shading), it's pretty much the best word for what we're seeing.

I'm not going to praise No Man's Sky (god, we all know how terrible it is by this point) or the Last Guardian graphically because they're not what I would consider outstanding or even good graphics.

But games like Persona 5 are a fantastic example of cell shading done right even if it is highly stylized (it just looks good all the time). Another game I would praise for cell shading is Gravity Rush 2, I just started the game and I'm quite impressed by how good it looks (plus, it's cut scenes have this comic book thing going on which looks pretty nice as well).

If any developer wants to use cell shading in their games, then Persona 5 or at least Gravity Rush 2 is the standard I want to see.

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freshslicepizza340d ago

Unless the multiplayer really impresses I see this as yet another underwhelming release.

GamesMaster1982340d ago

Wow this game is really looking bad. All thease years and this is the best they can do. I was thinking of getting this on PC but maybe not now.

81BX340d ago

Game looks fun. A good pick up and destroy game.

awdevoftw340d ago

This game looks like a bad grand theft auto clone. An ADD dream as you jump through half finished objectives to check out a new area. Once you run through the novelty of it in a half an hour, it looks tedious.

letsa_go339d ago

It IS a bad grand theft auto clone. It is made by the same guy that made the awful APB on pc. David Jones has been chasing that GTA success since he left rockstar before GTA3 was made. That is like quitting a band before they get a major label contract and hit it big! haha poor guy!!

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