This Is What Jason Momoa Would Look Like as God of War's Kratos

Yesterday we shared that Jason Momoa is open to the idea of playing God of War's Kratos, one of the most recognizable and beloved anti-heroes in the gaming pantheon. He gave an enthusiastic "hell yeah" when asked if he'd accept the role at Sony's request, and our imaginations started going wild. Bosslogic has created a ComicBook original first-look at how Jason Momoa would appear as Kratos, and you can see the full, exclusive image in the Bosslogic gallery located at the top and bottom of this article.

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naruga69d ago

Dave batista is a far better oprion ...Momoa has not even Greek/European characteristics ....he is polynesian/Hawaian ....Momoa is tragic option if the y want to destroy the character (not that i care much as i dislike generally Kratos)

sampson312169d ago (Edited 69d ago )


you do know that Filipino's look "polynesian/Hawaian" and Dave Bautista father is Filipino.

Jason Momoa's mother is German and Irish.
so they're both of mixed race.

so why does Dave Bautista seem more like Kratos, what? he's bald? lol

NewMonday69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

FWI Philippians has a sizable minority of Spanish origin, Dave Bautista is most likely one from his name and features.

Dave Bautista has a standout large body, Jason has muscle and height but looks normal next to Bautista, Dave also has a large skull like Kratos.

Dave Bautista simply looks like a beast and Kratos is a beast.

Relientk7769d ago

He has to play Kratos. Anyone who has seen him in Game of Thrones, knows he'd make a badass Kratos.

AnubisG69d ago

I liked him in Conan as well. I think he would make an amazing Kratos.

fenome69d ago

Holy shit, that would be badass!

SarcasticDuck69d ago

He would probably make Kratos have dredds or something, I can't see that man giving up in all that hair! But judging by the fanart, his voice and his role in GoT, he would be perfect for the role!

PhoenixUp69d ago

Not as great as that live action Kratos that we saw in the commercial for God of War: Ascension

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The story is too old to be commented.