Here's What Happens If Two Players Meet Online In No Man's Sky After Latest Update

While the details regarding No Man's Sky multiplayer are still surrounded in mystery, some users have managed to discover other players.

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meka26118d ago

Maybe they should have just waited and released the game around now.

thekhurg8d ago

Maybe they didn't have a choice.

nX8d ago

They had a choice, but they decided for business rather than quality - much like Activision or EA.

3-4-58d ago

@Green. not sure you understand how publishers work.

generic-user-name8d ago

Is this the 'Sony had a gun to Sean Murray's head' conspiracy theory?

UKmilitia8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

tbh i think they lied to everyone,not just us but sony etc too.

limited to 16 people though? lol or is that the only peopel whoi play this crap

mike32UK8d ago

I am almost certain that Sony made yhrm rushed the release of this. To be fair, it did get delayed many times so I don't blame them. If anything hello games have learned to not announce games do early

Liqu1d8d ago

@3-4-5 The game was self published on all platforms.

Gh05t8d ago

Couldn't that be said for every game then?

abstractel8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

How can anyone of you know for a fact that they did have a choice to when to release it? You think they had unlimited funds? Don't judge unless you truly were in their shoes.

Seems to me they are doing a lot of things to set things right, and I admire that they don't try to hype anything up but just quietly work away and then release this massive free update that appears to be one of several as multiplayer is stated to become more fleshed out.

Still not my type of game, I need more art direction personally that this kind of procedural system doesn't seem to be capable of producing. Worlds are ok, but the characters/animals are pretty horrible. For those that don't care, it's fantastic as there are upsides to it. One being a small team being able to create a huge game.

But in the end I just wish people didn't feel the need to judge so much without knowing the details of the situation. That goes with a lot of events happening in the world. A lot of people just seem to want to judge other people negatively. I don't get that desire to put other people down.

Adrian_v017d ago

They had an offer from Sony to get help both in form of personel and funds, HG refused. The excuse that they didnt have enough money or people doesnt hold water.

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-GreenRanger8d ago

Yes, they should. This is what happens when you launch a game long before it's complete. A bad name is very hard to erase, but good luck devs you're going to really need it.

joab7778d ago

The good news is this though. Our reaction had an effect. They have worked hard and released 3 substantial patches for free. Also, this patch is the first of 3 Titan patches coming, so we have a ton more on the way.

There's something about this game that I LOVE. But about 80 hrs in I put it down because it lacked focus and shit to do. Now, we have a ton to do, and I can't wait to jump back in.

subtenko8d ago

Nope, deadlines, contracts, etc.... plus the planned dlc updates from the gitgo, they knew they would bounce back. They just didnt know how many ignorant people and trolls would be hating on the game....

Never seen anything like it. Saw some youtube comments saying "still sucks" BS....

Rimeskeem8d ago

Ok, everyone gets they released it too early. Fine, fair, whatever.

But give credit where it's due. Sure some people (including myself) bought this game at $60. At the time was it worth it? Probably not. But now we find ourselves with a game that has tripled+ its original content within a year and seems to continue to get support through the relentless (some justified) hate. But those people who did buy it at full retail can now enjoy a much better, more content filled game.

IRetrouk8d ago

I got my moneys worth the first time, all this new stuff has made me redownload, its like a second game almost now, yeah there were issues but i enjoyed the game regardless, will deffo be getting stuck back into it.

clouds58d ago

My thoughts exactly. The recent E3 would have been a good time to announce and now release a polished feature rich game, that actually works. I might pick it up now, looks interesting.

-Foxtrot8d ago


Still amazes me people defend this. If you look at the massive list of stuff said in countless interviews by the team before launch it's still a fraction of what was promised

I'm suddenly supposed to be grateful and forgive them for giving me a fragment of that....but even if we got everything the fact still is they still lied and disappointed people. Other studios do shit and we don't forgive or forget so why are these guys any different.

If you are back into it now...fine but don't defend them and make out that it's "over" because it's not.

DanteVFenris6668d ago

We basically have everything now that they promised, minus the few things we don't have for some of the additions and I'd say it's pretty even

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Phoenix768d ago

No man's sky? More like One man's joke!

Phoenix768d ago

You confuse saltyness with disappointment. Have u read the article? Encounter with another player doesn't mean you will see them in the form of an avatar like the races u encounter. But merely as a glowing ball of light. Even u could agree that that is a joke

equal_youth8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I would say it lays the foundation for coming mp maybe even with the next update. The game will someday be what we all want it to be. Better late than never i would argue.

Yo Mama8d ago

Orbs? Really? Smh. Was it that much harder to make us appear as an astronaut?

nX8d ago

They probably have no real design direction for player characters, weak but kind of expected.

mixelon8d ago

They’ve said this is a first step towards more in depth MP. Given what they’ve done so far I see no reason to doubt they’re on top of this.

Eidolon8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Do they have a multiplayer economy yet? that'd be sweet. I don't see them ever having a multiplayer like you have in most games, but for outer space, I don't see why not.. ship battles would be great!

subtenko8d ago

Only 4 updates so far really? Was it that much harder to make 30 by now? < thats what you sound like....