Xbox One X Support Added To Unreal Engine 4.17

Epic Games has released Unreal Engine 4.17 which features support for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X console.

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Bigpappy404d ago

This is important. But many publishers have developed their own engines. Will help independent developers to shine.

Jakens404d ago

I'm happy the support was added. Can't wait to see the engine running on all consoles, and mainly X1X.

neoandrew404d ago

Well it is mostly the same sdk as xone, so no hassle either way, if you even don't change anything it will just work.

BigWan78404d ago


Some tried to convince me that MS trying to add every iteration of a game engine wasn't important....

I guess they couldn't comprehend, how much easier it will be for devs...

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Bruh403d ago

Nice hopefully we see some great improvements on KH3 and Sea of Thieves, UE4 has a DX12 pipeline too so if these developers wanted they can really push the hardware

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