No Man’s Sky Atlas Rising Update Adds Portals, Story and Joint Exploration

Portals, Joint Exploration and more have been added to No Man's Sky in the Atlas Rising update.

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Zerito465d ago

So for the players that still play it, is it worth it to pick up for like 20 bucks now ?

FullmetalRoyale465d ago

I just bought it for $25 via Amazon. I also bought it on launch and ended up getting g a refund when I kept getting blue screen errors and planet yo-yoing to the point where I could not play it.
With all of the updates over the last year, including this big one, there's no way this game isn't worth twenty some odd dollars.
I actually really enjoyed the experience, aside from the buzz, so I'm looking forward to jumping back in.

Zerito465d ago

I'll go for it after Subnautica :D that price is reasonable for the content in it atm

spaceg0st465d ago

honestly, it was worth the $20 at launch. I feel like it wasn't worth the $60!!, but $20 is definitely a good price if you're into space exploration and mining for resources.

Zerito465d ago

Exactly seemed overpriced for the content in it, now with the big updates and missions and stuff, seems like worth it ! I'll give it a shot after Subnautica

mixelon465d ago

I say it’s worth the $60 launch price, if you get into it.. I enjoyed seeing it improve over time and got a lot of gameplay out of all of its different phases.. It is a much superior game now to launch but even then it was unique and interesting. I’ve played it much more than many AAA games I’ve paid full price for.

It’s not for everyone but I’m pretty sure at ~$20 *everyone* would get their money’s worth if they give it a fair shake.

There’s a big enough community of people who just fly around photographing cool new animals and sci-fi stuff. :D

Zerito465d ago

Sci-fi and Space are really my gig :D

mixelon465d ago sells it pretty well. I come across new feeling stuff a lot.

- it’s so weirdly beautiful a lot of the time. In survival it’s a bit more intense and gamey but in normal mode it’s super chilled.

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